TOP is enlisting quietly.

Both T.O.P and Junsu are enlisting quietly.  What happened to the fans showing up to see their favorite oppa go to the army?  So sad.   


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Sometimes it's what they wish. Both artists are well-loved by their fans, but rather get the service over and done with and get back to their fans. As a Cassie, I knew Junsu prepared a lot before he went to the army and guarded the castle when Jaejoong and Yoochun were gone. I will miss my favorite musical star but I'm confident he will serve well and come back soon. Keep the Faith ey haha
I know :(
The worst part is TOP's IG posts.
It seems as if he is so depressed to leave
Awww :'( it's so sad that they will be gone for two years. I hope they'll both stay healthy.