Hyuna's Best Friend

I think that this won't come to a surprise.  Hyunseung joined Weibo and Hyuna is going on a China tour to promote her album.  I've always thought that he was her best friend.  Now, I read this in the Soompi article and I'm wondering if they are really best friends or not.  

Also during the show, HyunA’s best friend and BEAST member Yong Junhyung says, “It’s been eight years since I debuted and my mom told me to come out on TV for once, so I chose to appear on ‘Happy Together.'”





So, is Junghyung from Beast, really Hyuna's best friend or did it get lost in translation?    


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Kidoo_k #1
It's junhyung* lol
But nevertheless God knows what's their relationship exactly , & it's " rumored" that they were in a relationship & broke up but it seems that they batched up & everything is cool , but I doubt he's her best friend he's a good friend & that applies to hyunseung as well , cuz from what I've observed for the past almost 4 years her really close/best friends are girls , but my babe is friendly with everybody plus journalists like to add baseless information as they please unfortunately.
But you know what I really hope that hyunseung & her were there for each other during their rough times with their groups this year cuz it's been a HUGE mess