Lyric Shuffle Game! (winnijiang)

Lyrical poem. 
Put your iPod on shuffle, press play and the next button. Write the first line of the (proper) lyrics in the first ten songs to create your poem.

(There are other parts to this game which I didn't bother with, I just wanted to make a poem/short story. See winnijiang's blog post for the full game)


I wasn't actually going to do this, but I tried it out and it turned out actually pretty decent so I thought I should write a small scenario and share it.



I didn't know where I was or how long I'd been walking for; everything turned into a hazy blur the moment she turned away with that half-hearted 'sorry'.

1. "The empty gray streets, it's so empty." (Taeyeon - Rain)

Perhaps rational people looking at the situation objectively would try to tell me that she was at fault - that she didn't treat me well and I deserve better. Perhaps they would be right...but the wounds are too fresh and my thoughts still gravitated towards her.

2. "You are my only sun, the one and only in the world." (BTS - Run)

Some how I found my way back home, slotting the familiar key in my hand into the lock to my front door. I didn't succeed until the third try - when did the sky grow so dark? I don't know...I don't know...

3. "I want to breathe, I hate this night." (BTS - Save Me)

My face hit the pillow and my knees instinctively curled themselves into my chest. Humans resort to fetal position when they've sustained injury; the action didn't require any conscious effort. My eyes closed and fresh tears ran down the same track dried ones left behind. I don't know how long I remained there, wet eyes and heavy skull trying to find solace in the familiar room we had made love in only months before.

4. "When I wake up in my room (room), I have nothing." (BTS - Fire)


5. "It's interesting how people move." (AKMU - How people move.)



6. "The thing I suddenly remembered was your smile. (Taeyeon - Set me free)

I think I might be going crazy. Do break ups usually hurt this much? Maybe I really loved her - I don't know. She was my first after all.

7. "The curtain comes down (my breath is getting shorter)." (BTS - Young Forever)

Is it possible for people to physically grow ill from heart ache? Is it possible for people to THINK themselves into illness? If I believe I am dying, will I really die?

8. "A good house, a good car, will these things bring us happiness?" (BTS - N.O)

She said I didn't want what she wanted; that I couldn't give her the life she imagined for herself. She said I don't have a future, and that her parents would never approve of us anyway.

9. "Because of you, I'm becoming ruined." (BTS - I Need U)

I'm sick and tired of this pain, I just want it all to end.

10. "Don't think of anything anymore." (BTS - Butterfly)

If only the attempts to convince myself actually worked. If only it was all a dream and I could wake up once I discovered it was a nightmare in disguise.

If only...I could stop thinking of you.



Crying rivers omg hahaha I've never written something so angsty! This is so depressing whaaaaat and I haven't even been in a relationship yet so why does it feel so painful to me? A and imagining breaking up so vividly OTL OTL

Guess the song lyrics all match up nicely because like 80% of the songs are BTS (I put them on repeat, so my shuffle probably just naturally picked out the ones I listen to the most).

Thanks for reading this! It was just for fun and please feel free to play the game as well! Just title it with the person you got the game from :)



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