I am because we are (Ubuntu)

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Baekhyun is a poor student who goes to an elite university and faces challenges of the everyday poor. After an unexpected encounter with one of the well-known elite groups of the school, his life begins to change. Along the way of the blooming friendship he had of the group, he experiences love in a way he never imagined possible. But along this dream-like life given to him by his friends is a secret he wishes to convey but afraid to reveal: his social status.


The poor and the rich may never mingle. They belong to both ends of the pyramid hierarchy;

one on top and one at the bottom.








"An ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'.

It also means 'I am what I am because of who we all are'." --






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Ludovico Einaudi

Berling Song

The Crane Dance


Joe Hisaishi - Two Hearts

Spheria - Serena

G.Soul - You

Alison Krauss - When You Say Nothing At All







Title: I am because we are (Ubuntu)
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol (main); KrisHo; ++other side pairings (KaiSoo - relationship will not be expounded).
Rating: PG-15 (may be subjected to change)
Genre: Friendship, Angst, Romance, Fluff
Length: --
Word Count: --



Start: Jan 2, 2015
End: --




Mild language. Hinted mature content. Toe curling, vomit inducing fluff. OT12


Chapters with mature content but not necessarily rated (or at least I believe is mature) will be marked !! » (Proceed with caution. Let's pretend it means that~ At least in this fic lol)


May be marked Rated based on future plot development.




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► Story is written in a descriptive manner and follows a very slow plot. While ChanBaek is the main OTP, the story also mostly focuses on Baekhyun's. If you are not very fond of those, do not subscribe. I will, however, appreciate that you have or will check out this story.

► I was a very new writer when I began writing this and was still learning the know-hows of creating a story. In addition to that, I was also in a very messy emotional state. With that, this story holds heavy of personal value to me. So I apologize if things are a mess. Not only has this fic been a huge learning ground for me, but it also holds pieces of personal sentiments and stories.

► On the instance you find something you do not agree with, feel uncomfortable, or bothered by - feel free to unsubscribe. I am open and more than welcome to receive constructive criticism especially on the technicalities of writing. However, while I do assure you I take into account these criticisms, most, if not all, are only applied outside of Ubuntu due to the fact that this story is more of personal writing than it is to please anyone. At least in that, I hope you would understand.

► If you find mistakes, details that come off to you, please do not hesitate to inform me. I am only human and unfortunately, even if I review my writings five times and more, I still tend to pass on any errors.

► To those who will push through and read, give this fic a chance: In advance, thank you, and I hope you enjoy.






Disclaimer: The characters in neither this story nor the story itself is not in any way affiliated to EXO or any of the people who owns the names in real life. However, the story, the characters, and the plot are all mine. If found similar, it is entirely coincidental and unintentional. No plagiarism please.

Details such as school, customs, and other else, are mostly loosely based from where I am from. The Arts in this story are also loosely based on personal experience as an art student myself.

Do forgive my grammar, especially at the beginning stages. It is unfortunately not my forte.




twitter: @exocholic



160614 – The next chapter is alrdy being betaed, but expect first another separate author’s note to be posted before it. Just a few things b4 we continue on :)

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Chapter 29: I think the girl is Chanyeol's ex. But Baekhyun saw the photos, so he'd recognise her?
AnaHsnh #2
Chapter 72: Please continue authornim,, i really like your story and i want to know about baek and their friends more
Chapter 72: Don't leave us hanging, please? At least, update once a month.. We're really curious about what will happened between Baek, Yeol and their friends. So please, when will you update again?
zone88_exo #4
This is a masterpiece. This is the best story that I've ever read. I will wait for you author-nim
Yinmeel #5
Chapter 72: Dear Author, Your story gives me various feeling. I sometimes experienced hard to breath in place of Baek. Please just ease my feeling by skipping ending of story as Chan and Baek finally happy together with their friends. I am sure my heart couldn't stand to read after Baek's hidden life revealed. I don't want Chan to hate Baek for this, I don't want his friends judge him for this. I don't want their love to Baek changed even they can forgive him. Just please save Baek from the depressive hell of living behind mask, he deserves to smile without the mask. Please give him a rainbow family for a rainbow like him.
hehcrazyelf #6
Im back here ~ I can understand why you're not updating it's relatable and I hope you're doing fine :)
giantwithpup #8
Chapter 72: When will you update this story again, authornim? I've been waiting for update and always waiting for it. God bless.