I am because we are (Ubuntu)

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Baekhyun is a poor student who goes to an elite university and faces challenges of the everyday poor. After an unexpected encounter with one of the well-known elite groups of the school, his life begins to change. Along the way of the blooming friendship he had of the group, he experiences love in a way he never imagined possible. But along this dream-like life given to him by his friends is a secret he wishes to convey but afraid to reveal: his social status.


The poor and the rich may never mingle. They belong to both ends of the pyramid hierarchy;

one on top and one at the bottom.








"An ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'.

It also means 'I am what I am because of who we all are'." --






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Ludovico Einaudi

Berling Song

The Crane Dance


Joe Hisaishi - Two Hearts

Spheria - Serena

G.Soul - You

Alison Krauss - When You Say Nothing At All







Title: I am because we are (Ubuntu)
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol (main); KrisHo; ++other side pairings (KaiSoo - relationship will not be expounded).
Rating: PG-15 (may be subjected to change)
Genre: Friendship, Angst, Romance, Fluff
Length: --
Word Count: --



Start: Jan 2, 2015
End: --




Mild language. Hinted mature content. Toe curling, vomit inducing fluff. OT12


Chapters with mature content but not necessarily rated (or at least I believe is mature) will be marked !! » (Proceed with caution. Let's pretend it means that~ At least in this fic lol)


May be marked Rated based on future plot development.




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► Story is written in a descriptive manner and follows a very slow plot. While ChanBaek is the main OTP, the story also mostly focuses on Baekhyun's. If you are not very fond of those, do not subscribe. I will, however, appreciate that you have or will check out this story.

► I was a very new writer when I began writing this and was still learning the know-hows of creating a story. In addition to that, I was also in a very messy emotional state. With that, this story holds heavy of personal value to me. So I apologize if things are a mess. Not only has this fic been a huge learning ground for me, but it also holds pieces of personal sentiments and stories.

► On the instance you find something you do not agree with, feel uncomfortable, or bothered by - feel free to unsubscribe. I am open and more than welcome to receive constructive criticism especially on the technicalities of writing. However, while I do assure you I take into account these criticisms, most, if not all, are only applied outside of Ubuntu due to the fact that this story is more of personal writing than it is to please anyone. At least in that, I hope you would understand.

► If you find mistakes, details that come off to you, please do not hesitate to inform me. I am only human and unfortunately, even if I review my writings five times and more, I still tend to pass on any errors.

► To those who will push through and read, give this fic a chance: In advance, thank you, and I hope you enjoy.






Disclaimer: The characters in neither this story nor the story itself is not in any way affiliated to EXO or any of the people who owns the names in real life. However, the story, the characters, and the plot are all mine. If found similar, it is entirely coincidental and unintentional. No plagiarism please.

Details such as school, customs, and other else, are mostly loosely based from where I am from. The Arts in this story are also loosely based on personal experience as an art student myself.

Do forgive my grammar, especially at the beginning stages. It is unfortunately not my forte.




twitter: @exocholic




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crgb1234 #1
Chapter 72: Please keep writing -- this is beautiful and heart-wrenching.... I know you haven't updated in a while (since last year -- 2016), but it would be a shame to give up on such a lovely story. I am anxious to see how Chan and Baek will weather the storms that are coming their way, and how the rest of the family of brothers will play a part in the healing that is sure to come as each wound is revealed. Sweet Baekhyun is too pure of a person to not end up with his "finally-happily-ever-after" and to leave your dedicated readers hanging is a bit cruel! I understand things happen in real life that can interrupt the creative flow and slow down the process (TRUST ME, I know! Don't want to bore you with my details tho...). My heart is with you while I wait patiently for more to this wonderful creation.
clarkjr #2
I've finally found this story again and I was really hoping that it is already being recently updated but sadly you didn't :'( Pls if you see this just please try to finish this story bcs I feel like you already given up and abandon this story. No pressure alright, maybe you're having difficulties in life but one can always hope right. So my hope is that you can find your muse back and get this amazing story on the move again. Take your time but not too long(cant help it as i am lacking wth patience alrdy) and take a good care of yourself :)
K-freak_Girl #3
I want an update sm .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·
it's been a while. when I first read this story I was around 14-15 and i'm going to read this story once again before i start my uni life. i hope you're doing well and fine author-nim! ^^ ♡
Soovann #5
Pls update soon authornim! I missed this story so much!:(
--chanyeolla #6
Chapter 72: I don't even know how exactly I'm suppose to put my words into an actual words because honestly, what more than words could do if none can understand. I read your story. I was hooked upㅡ exactly like how everyone else. But at some point, this story hit me so bad, that I started to think what you had been through for being able to potray such thoughts in the first place. Until I read your bg storyㅡ all about the depression and the anxieties. And I'll never know, how bad or how worse it is to deal with. I can read load of reading material about that certain topic, but nothing could compare to the real situation itself. So i really hope you're okay. Really. It's a sincere wish from a mere stranger like me. Although I'd my own deal of breakdown, shutting myself down, those won't be the same as yours. No one can truly feel your pain except for yourself, right?

At first, I was afraid that Baekhyun would hurt himself, considering how he lived alone and all that jazz he had to go through. Especially when the phrase where you wrote about how Baek was afraid of what himself capable of aloneㅡ it scared me. Really. And yet, he stay strong. I feel the pain. Every words, it just so hard to breath because i had myself imagined. Like you can feel the actual painㅡ didn't help with how detailed you put through to write everything down and I wish nothing but to be there and comfort him. At least yejin didn't judge him for that. Though i severely scared of what the others might respond too when Baek reveal the truth. With Jongdae's confessiom about it and the kid's grandma. That's a load to take in. But I really wish that Baek will stay stronger. After all, he deserve everything. Because in the end, everyone crave for love. And Baekhyun had been human for craving those. Damn my feels.

I'll end my words here, but really, although i desperately want to know what is going to hapen next, your health is important. Please take care of yourself. I hope you're okay and had been busy enjoying life out there ㅡ laughing and just living. With love, a reader of yours.
nurnabilabakar #7
I really loves your writing , please update soon. Because this will be my 50 time reading this story. I loved it so much. I cant stop myself from reading this.
alamela040401 #8
Chapter 72: Others might wonder or asking why can't they just investigate Baek on their own? Like why are they all oblivious? But then again, this story talks about trust....so that's it! :)

Guess it's time for Baek to confess? or not? Whatever... I'll just wait... Thanks :)
alamela040401 #9
Chapter 69: Wow....I didn't know I will be writing another comment in this specific chapter, again..:) (I just can't help it, sorry)
Anyway, I just want to commend your bravery as not all of us have that. And you're right, no one among us can have a final or direct say about something unless that person experience the same, first hand. Each of us has our own struggles and means to survive but it always boils down on how we learn to accept and face those 'monsters' that sometimes are blinding us to see the reality of things.
I only have 2 more chaps to read so basically I already know that somewhere, somehow, this story is not just plain fiction. A story becomes more interesting and read-worthy when the reader feels the direct connection of the story to the author. And I guess most of the time, a story becomes more special to the author when there's a hint of his/her personal experience blend into it. Not that I am saying fictional stories are bluff or what (coz I love them so much) but a mixture of fiction and something personal is what makes a story, for me, more meaningful. And I guess everyone of us dreamed of the same. A perfect life, a perfect love story, a perfect of everything when we know for a fact that nothing's perfect unless you want it and think of it as perfect. I can't directly say I understand what you've been through but as I've said, each of us had gone through the same yet of different scenario. But what's important is that, we learn to accept and move forward and make things as pleasant as possible for ourselves not to end up regretful and miserable. Coz at the end of the day, it's YOU who has the final say for yourself. FIGHTING! and God bless! :)
alamela040401 #10
Chapter 66: Hi! New subscriber here :). Though I was originally planning to write a comment at the very last chap of this story, I just can't hold it anymore since you made me a crying mess in this chap so yeah... :) please let me share my thoughts...
I think most would feel irritated or probably angry at Baek for still keeping all the lies and suppressing all the pain instead of just letting it all out so the pain would end right there and then, right? But honestly, I understand Baek and I don't blame him for hiding the truth of himself. I believe that everyone deserves the chance and is capable of feeling and experiencing those regardless of how it is done. Being selfish is a negative feeling or behavior but sometimes, for people like Baek who were unfortunately born unfortunate, I could understand. Coz being deprived of those feelings and being abandoned, Baek still has all the positivity in him despite having all the negatives clinging unto him. His only sin is hiding the fact of his status but everything else, he's perfect. I, too, sometimes fall in those kind of scenarios where all I can say is "okay, let's be happy for today and face the consequences tomorrow. For tomorrow is not sure yet so let's just be enjoy and be happy today". Do I make sense? :D
Anyway, I honestly am not fond of super long story coz I have the tendency to get bored somewhere along the way. And seeing how "plenty" chaps this story has, I was like "okay, should I?". Yes, I did coz I'm in this chap now and I didn't get bored obviously and is excited to read til the end. :)
Sorry for the ranting...and Goodluck! Thanks :D