Amber Liu and Krystal Jung

Looking From A Distance




There is this girl in our school, she is very popular. All girls want to be her and all guys dream to date her. She is indeed physically perfect and talented too. She is surrounded by a lot of friends even if she got this cold aura in her. I think she got everything but I wonder why I still see loneliness in her eyes.


“Damn! Krystal Jung is really hot! Kai is really lucky to have her.”Key stated when we are eating in the cafeteria during our lunch break.


“Dude, you should stop fantasizing other people’s girlfriend.” I said to him and scoffed.


“Bro, I can’t help it because I’m not blind.”he answered to me with a smirk.


“I think you should let her know that you are her number one fan boy. Who knows, she might give you something as a prize.”I said to him jokingly and laugh.


All of my friends are Krystal Jung’s admirers. When Kai is not around, Krystal’s fan boys will quickly surround her. She is like an idol in our school. I always find it troublesome when this will happen. The hallway will be block by the crowd that will surround her which made me got stuck from where I am standing.


“If only she is still single, I will really court her.”Key mumbled. He didn’t take off his eyes from where Krystal Jung is.


I look at Krystal too and our eyes met. She shifted back her eyes into her boyfriend who is with her talking with his fan girls. I wonder why she dated that guy.


“Amber, let’s go home together after class.” Luna, my best friend said to me when Key and I head back into our classroom.


“You don’t have any council meeting to attend to, today?”I asked her. She is our class president and lately, the council always hold a meeting every after class.


“Nope!”she replied with a grin.


“That’s good.”I said and scoffed.


After our class, we had a general cleaning. Luna asked me to throw the garbage at the dumpster which is located at the back of our school. I pick up the trash bag and walk my way there. When I turn on one corner of the school going into the back, I got surprise to see Krystal and Kai, making out. Teenage hormones! I continued to walk, pretending that I haven’t seen anything. It’s not my first time seeing them kissing anyway.




I meet up with Kai at the back of our school. Then Kai suddenly kiss me and I kissed him back. We end up making out at the back of our school. Good thing it is afternoon and no one will go here now at this time. Well, this is what I thought but I got wrong. The guy who I am always looking from a distance saw us. I quickly parted my lips from Kai. The guy just continued his walk without looking at us. He is the one who always caught us.


“Kai, let’s go back now to our classroom.”I said to him.


“Tsk! That guy always ruin our moment.” He grumbled, looking annoyed at the guy.


We headed back into our classroom. Everyone had done cleaning. I grab my bag. Kai can’t walk me home because he got a basketball practice every after class. He is the team captain so he must always be present in their practice. As I was walking going outside the school, I saw the guy from earlier. He is with a girl whom I think is his girlfriend. I just look at them as they pass by.


“How’s your day?” Unnie asked me when I got home. She is in college now and she rarely hang-out with me because she is always busy.


“Just the same as usual.”I answered to her as I slumped on the couch. I put my bag on the coffee table in our living room.


“Anyway, what is your plan this summer break?”she asked me.


“Oh yeah, only two weeks from now and it will be our summer break.”I mumbled. “I think I will find a part time job. I want to earn some money on my own.”I added.


“Really?”Unnie answered with raised brows. “It is so not like you,Krys.”she continued and scoffed.


“I want to have an experience in work,Unnie.” I answered to her as I rolled my eyes.


I really just want to earn some money on my own and I want to have a productive summer. Kai will not be able to spend summer with me anyway because he have a training camp to attend to.


“Well, if that is how you want to spend your summer, try to apply here.”she said as she handed me this one flier.


“Liu’s Café.” I read the large fonts bold words that was written on the flier.


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