Our Forged Marriage

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Can love keep us together? Even it was all started by a forged marriage.




This story was inspired by Jaejoong's Elle Fashion Film.




Original Storyline by: iheartjae




This fanfic will only mark rated by chapter in some future matured scene.


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Sorry guys if i have some grammatical errors or misspelled words. English is just my second language, so just carry on guys...^^.)




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im here to visit and wishing u a very good luck!
OMG!! I read this a long time ago! And then it was finally featuredd! Congratulationssss! Will read it again. ?
dee_9576 #5
Chapter 80: New reader here! I love how the story developed! Everything was beautifully written and described vividly! Could totally understand how Lisa feels!
I'm happy that they have a happy ending~
Thanks for sharing author-nim!! I really love this story :)
Chapter 79: Hiiii.....new to here. I really love the story!!! Actually I wanna thank you for writing such a wonderful romantic ff of jae. What I ever read of jae's were fics. So this was WAY TOOOO.... FANTASTIC!!! Thank you once again. I'm gonna be your one Hella loyal reader.
Kikyo1314 #7
Chapter 78: Wow! I just found out about this story and I finished it in 3 days! Nicely written authornim!! I love it!
47 streak #8
Chapter 70: My heart sanked a little here, but all is still well :)
Gracegesang #9
Chapter 79: Nice story!!!
-Jiyun- #10
Chapter 80: i cried so much...thank you for this story :D ❤