The Battlefield of Cinderella
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Saturday was a sunny, warm day.

You and L. Joe went on a date in the West. The two of you shopped, ate, and took many pictures.

Your arm was hooked through his as the two of you walked down the street. “Let me see.” You peered over him to see the photos.

L. Joe laughed and pointed to the silly one. “You look so cute!” He left a wet smooch on your cheek.

“Aiya!” You wiped it off.

L. Joe grinned, “Are you hungry?”

You shook your head, “But I’m thirsty.”

“Araso! My princess, sit here.” He sat you down on the brink of the water fountain and smiled, “Your prince will go get strawberry slushie for you!”

You smiled and nodded.

“I’ll be back!” L. Joe kissed you and ran off.

You looked through all the pictures of you and L. Joe once more. You laughed and smiled at each one.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over you. Curious, you looked up. Your eyes widened and you gasped.

He grinned, “Told you that you would see me again.”


L. Joe bought slushies and headed back to the water fountain with a happy smile on his face. A black van passed by. After a couple more steps, he slowed down and froze.

L. Joe whirled around and his eyes widened.

You were miserably staring at him from the van and slapping your palm on the window.

“~~~~~~…” L. Joe whispered. He dropped the drinks and ran for his life, “~~~~~~~-AH!”

“L. JOE!” You screamed.

“Shut up.” Minho put a hand over your mouth and pulled you away from the window.

"~~~~~~~~~-AH!” L. Joe ran faster but the van outdid him. He had to stop and breathed hard to catch his breath. He balled his hands into angry fists *ING SHINEE!*

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HanAnna00 #1
Best ..and update???
kpopperiu #2
SwindlerLNoko #3
Chapter 63: finished? i'm glad she moved in with him.. but i want to know where his money comes from, too.. you can't just end it like this!!! what about my curiosity? What if i can't sleep? i nees answer or sequel... *^* /// and i love this story.. thank you for this awesome story, Author-nim :)))) XD
SwindlerLNoko #4
Chapter 28: Aww~~~ i think i hopelessly fall for him~~
SwindlerLNoko #5
Chapter 17: woah... this story is really interesting :3
SwindlerLNoko #6
Chapter 13: hahahahaha what's with her luck?
SwindlerLNoko #7
Chapter 4: hahaha that was cute <3
2LandaJoe #8
Heyyy! I'm longgg time subscriber! I don't know if you remember! But we talked a few times! I remember reading this story back in grade 8 I believe when you were updating it chapter but chapter. Oh I remember the thrill every time I saw you updated! It was literally one of the perks that still had kept me here! I don't know if this is actually right or if it's just what I think, but I'm pretty sure you had a sequel to this no! Haha I don't know if it just my imagination playing tricks on me or if you actually did have a sequel! Ahhh it's so weird when I re-read your stories! It remind me of when I first started reading fanfics and I get so many feelings! But no matter how many times I read your stories I still get excited and happy and sad and just emotional! I remember the first time I read the chapter about her father and I was a ctualyl crying and it's funny cuz even after 5 years I still manage to cry at that part! Lol sorry for this huge as comment tbh idek if you have enough time to read this cause I know life is really hectic. I just wanted to let you know you have fans like us that have been here with you for years! And I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your stories! As weird as I is to still some tiems be reading fanfics when everyone is som busy, it still somehow makes my day everytime I see you have updated! Haha this got really long! Sorry!! But thank you so much for giving me so much comfort from your stories! And you honestly are one for the greatest authors that I know! I hope you still enjoy writing your stories and you don't feel obligated to do it!
CottonKpopAF #9
Chapter 2: Am i just the only one who thinks that pink bike is stolen after she wants to go home? XD
kintaraayudarma #10
Chapter 63: I really really like the story :)