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Saturday was a sunny, warm day.

You and L. Joe went on a date in the West. The two of you shopped, ate, and took many pictures.

Your arm was hooked through his as the two of you walked down the street. “Let me see.” You peered over him to see the photos.

L. Joe laughed and pointed to the silly one. “You look so cute!” He left a wet smooch on your cheek....

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iloveu290 #1
This is like the 100th time I've read this story. I absolutely love it! Thank you sommuch for writing it!
memorie_99 #2
Chapter 63: chappie 63: is this the ending???????
why it's seem likes it didn't end yet ????????
memorie_99 #3
Chapter 61: chappie 61: is the fight already over ????????
fuuuu...... glad..!
memorie_99 #4
Chapter 54: chappie 54: T^T
such a sad past l.joe had.....................
emilylovesnature #5
Chapter 63: Omg i start to read this i am so in love with l.joe now, you are so a good writer update soon author nim
memorie_99 #6
Chapter 52: chappie 52: i'm really curious now..........
who is l.joe actually ???????
memorie_99 #7
Chapter 46: chappie 46: why that mysterious man did that to ~~~~~'s father ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
memorie_99 #8
Chapter 44: chappie 44: oh no!!
they're busted!!
memorie_99 #9
Chapter 41: chappie 41: kyahhh!!!!..........
so they have the same wish!!!
memorie_99 #10
Chapter 31: chappie 31: where did l.joe get the money to buy the bicycle ?????