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Saturday was a sunny, warm day.

You and L. Joe went on a date in the West. The two of you shopped, ate, and took many pictures.

Your arm was hooked through his as the two of you walked down the street. “Let me see.” You peered over him to see the photos.

L. Joe laughed and pointed to the silly one. “You look so cute!” He left a wet smooch on your cheek....

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naeuniee () says:
Ahh the story is back!! thank you so much >.< I've loved all of your stories and was so upset when you took them down, but of course I understood why you did it. But thank you so much for trusting your readers again and putting your stories back up!

amiraxD () says about chapter 63:
Ahhhhhhhh! This story was reaaaaallllllly daeback freaking best! Love it the best!

OnnieChun () says about chapter 63:
omfg. i just spend half of my night finishing reading this. this is sooooo cool! if only there was a sequel lol but nvm i ing love this story xD

jungkook96 () says about chapter 63:
Woaaahhh cool!!

mintzy_26 () says about chapter 63:
As usual reading this for the Nth time. I still feel the same thing when I first read this.. its really great. ^_^

EvelynEve () says about chapter 63:
Great! I love this story!
Good job author-nim...^^

rossalisarosdy () says about chapter 30:
Awww~ L.Joe is so sweet! >.<

marlen () says about chapter 63:
I totally loved this story there should be a sequel

bambam1997 () says about chapter 63:
plz make a sequel to this story plz

Miss_Penggy7 () says about chapter 63:
Authornim~ this is a great story. Haha, I guess that you loved L.Joe that much, eh? Now, I blame you for ruining my bias list, authornim. Geez, I've fallen for L.Joe. Hard. Thanks to you ^^

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