Boys, Boys, Boys III: Boy vs. Love

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If you make a boy laugh, he likes you.
If you make a boy cry, he loves you.


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Seo Yoonjung

Mark Tuan

JB (Im Jaebum)

Tzuyu Chou




Yoonjung and Mark have finally realized their feelings for each other and are together at last.

Their love burns brighter and stronger than ever.

Everything is perfect, and they couldn't be happier.

Then the new college year starts and new obstacles are unexpectedly hurled their way.

Mark and Yoonjung try their hardest to keep their relationship from falling out like it did with her previous relationship with JB.

Will they be able to stay in love?

Or will new love interests break them apart once and for all?

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KC_cHoI #1
Chapter 24: update sooooon pls :)
fazzierrachannie #2
Chapter 24: Okay i was so happy and i think this chapter will be a happy chapter but nahh ... I'm so done with Mark. Like tbh i ship no one with Mark, like even in real. And i really do wish yoonjung really exist. Well, except for MarkSon lmao obvi
fazzierrachannie #3
Chapter 23: Im freaking crying in the middle of night at how poor yoonjung now and how sweet her friends are. I wish i had friends like them TT
Chapter 24: NOOOOO MY SHIP WILL NOT BE GOING DOWN. I waited this long for Yoonjung and Mark to get together T_T
_yoseobx #5
Chapter 24: tzuyu is such a delusional wtf im so pissed
chicken_onew #6
Chapter 24: awww hell to the fcken no. luhan wtf are you doing?! BACK OFF!

tzuyu needs to back the fck off. like he's not a thing and you have no right over him. -_- imma smack a btch.
ninasomnia #7
Chapter 24: NOOOOOOO~~~ please dont make Yeonjung slipped away from Mark ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
leaynkyu94 #8
Chapter 24: omggg sounds like a de ja vu
butterscotch_99 #9
Chapter 24: Woa- can we just stop n look at how hot luhan looks in that last gif? I is shooketh i miss luhan so much :/
Anw, back to the story, asgdgsjsk mark u- sighs i guess i got the drama that i wanted
S_Meiyi #10
Chapter 24: Mark is frustrating me so much... he needs to man up my gooodnesssss....