Boys, Boys, Boys III: Boy vs. Love

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If you make a boy laugh, he likes you.
If you make a boy cry, he loves you.


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Seo Yoonjung

Mark Tuan

JB (Im Jaebum)

Tzuyu Chou




Yoonjung and Mark have finally realized their feelings for each other and are together at last.

Their love burns brighter and stronger than ever.

Everything is perfect, and they couldn't be happier.

Then the new college year starts and new obstacles are unexpectedly hurled their way.

Mark and Yoonjung try their hardest to keep their relationship from falling out like it did with her previous relationship with JB.

Will they be able to stay in love?

Or will new love interests break them apart once and for all?

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_yoseobx #1
update please ☹️
kka_kkong #2
Chapter 25: Chapter 25: I miss your story authornim, i feeling down lately, i need something to cheer me up and your girls girls girls could to that, i'm an ahgase, i just stan GOT7 and this ff got me hooked in every chapter you post, i read all your ff since years ago, i miss you friend, i miss your update :'(
Chapter 25: Please update soon! ☹️
love this author nim!!! Update soon!!!!
update soon authornim :)
Chapter 25: omg mark why cant you just tell the truth so no one will be hurt more. The more you hide the more it's getting worst.
I hope Mark can resolve his situation well. As much as I love Luhan, I don't want him to take Yoonjung away from Mark :(((
Lol...& im just lying here & start to read comments 1st ?
kpop90 #9
Chapter 25: I forgot if I wrote a comment to this yet, so I'm just going to write this one just in case! MARK YOU ARE SUCH A HANDSOME IDIOT. LIKE HONEY PLS. I get that you aren't gonna marry Tzuyu and the only girl you love is Yoonjung, but the longer you keep this hidden, the longer you both will feel miserable. You legit need to sit her down and tell her what's up. You could also reassure her that you will always love her and will try your best to get out of this situation. I really wish that people have more faith in him though. I mean c'mon! He has loved her since they became friends so have some faith in him. It's so annoying when he's being so wrongfully accused, which is why I just want him to tell her already before she finds out and misunderstands! Anyways, thank you for this lovely update and can't wait for the next one! :)
Chapter 25: the situation is so incredibly annoying and frustrating. mark is in a predicament. he has to do things that he didn't want to because he was forced/blackmailed to. he wants to be brave and protect yoonjung, but he's afraid that if he does do anything out of the norm that it will bring more harm than good and he knows that. he's trying his best and it's so frustrating when people start to doubt him - ahem luhan ahem-. does this guy seriously thinks mark will try anything to hurt his own girlfriend? like seriously? outsiders need to shut their mouth and sit their down because they come to a random conclusion.

hang in there, mark! for yoonjung and for yourself.