I Can Hear Your Heart

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Even if you can't say anything, I can still hear your heart.


Hello, readers!

I greet you with a new story starring KAI and LEE JONG SUK!

I was inspired by the drama I Hear Your Voice, which Lee Jong Suk was in.

I do not intend to copy the drama, so please do not be offended if there are some similar ideas used.

The plot will be completely different.

Thank you.

*Please be warned that there may be violent/sensitive themes. Read at your own discretion.



Please do not plagiarize or copy in any way.

Do not save. Do not translate. Do not create spin-offs or sequels. Do not print. Do not repost on other sites.



Park Minjoo

Vulnerable, Vigilant, Unable to speak

Lee Jongsuk

Mysterious, Outcast, Has a special ability that no one knows about

Kim Jongin

Popular, Tough, Has an older brother who is a cop



To Park Minjoo, Lee Jongsuk is a miracle.

Because of her disability, she hadn't been able to have a normal life until he came into her life.

Then one day, her miracle is cruelly destroyed by a psychopath, and she is left alone fearing for her life.

Somewhere out there, he is lurking in the darkness, waiting for an opportune moment to  strike.

Just when she gives up hope of surviving the madman's game, Kim Jongin appears in her life.

Can he become her 2nd miracle and bring the smile back to her face?


Belongs to DBSKGIRL4EVER 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Do not plagiarize. Do not copy in any way.

Do not take any ideas, dialogues, characters, and plot from my story.

Anything that has to do with my story must be given permission by me and credited by you IF I allow you to use certain elements in my story.


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Chapter 29: Wow what a rollercoaster of emotions....this is a fantastic piece of work...I cried so much...great job!
tulygood #2
Chapter 29: This is the first time i get so scare after reading an aff fiction.I almost cried because of the way jongsuk died.honestly saying the drama was okay but your fic is the best. . well this is the 1st time i have read jongsuk's fic too haha. Kai's cherecter was so amazing here. thank you for this fic. ^_^
gooseberry #3
Chapter 29: Wow it ends already.... I can't believe Jongsuk's dead, I was thinking that you want to make a huge plot twist or maybe that Jong guy was joking when he killed Jungsuk but hahaha (。•́︿•̀。)
This is the first part of the story right? I mean is this sequel? Or the first one?
Honestly, I still can't believe Jong Suk died... I really love this story!
Chapter 29: Minjoo got to be with her lover...I will come back to read this story again and again! ^-^
Chapter 14: Coming back and reading this....wishing this never happened to Jongsuk:(
DahlyaLor #8
Chapter 29: This is honestly the best story I've ever read. I literally cried at least 3 times but I'm so satisfied with the ending I can't stop smiling and crying.
Chapter 29: Wow intense story! I'm going to be honest and say I was scared during the story but, overall it was a great story to read.
Chapter 24: This chapter hurts me so much, reading their conversation in Min Joo's dream. I wish everyone have someone like Jong Suk and Kai, their sincerity is priceless.