Lean on me



Back at your hometown, L. Joe suddenly groaned and went down.

Your eyes widened, “L. Joe, what’s wrong?! Are you all right?”

“I can’t walk.” He frowned.

“Omo! They hurt you that badly?!” You panicked, “Let’s go to the hospital.”

“No, just…let me lean on you.” L. Joe glanced at you.

“Lean on me?” You didn’t think anything of it and nodded, “Okay. Sure.” You helped him up and slung his arm around your neck. L. Joe had already slipped his hand around your waist and pulled you close.

The two of you headed up to your house. L. Joe started nuzzling your cheek. You glanced at him weirdly *What is he doing?* He smiled and squeezed your waist.

“Uh, are you okay?” You asked. “Perfectly fine.” L. Joe purred.

“Because you’re awfully close.” You tried to pull away but he tugged you closer, “Cause I can’t walk on my own. I need you to support me.”

“Are you sure?” You suspiciously asked.

“Owww.” L. Joe groaned. He toppled your way and you lost your balance. L. Joe buried his face into your neck and moaned, “It hurrrts!...

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Goldie #2
Chapter 63: Sequel please!
chubbyfatin #3
Chapter 63: Author-nim..please make a sequel.. I love this fic a lot .. T^T
HearMeThroughMusic #4
Wait.. His money.. Where does it come from????????
Hy0_Ri #5
Chapter 63: kekeke authornim... annyeong again (?) hehehe im reread again.. xDD i love your story and its my fav... ^^
hope you make the sequel soon.. fighting (9!^0^)9!
secretlurve #6
Chapter 63: I really like this story. Author! Sequel juseyo! Where does he gets his money from?????!!!
PkSarangheyo #7
Chapter 63: Omo! This is soo good! Sequel please Authornim! I love your stories!
jmm_012 #8
Chapter 63: Sequel please!
babyangel112 #9
Chapter 63: Where does he gets his money from???
AFF_Holic #10
Chapter 63: OMG ,, in ur face stupid stepmom XD
This was another good story of the dbskgirl4ever
But I'm still wondering ,, WHERE DOES HE GETS HIS MONEY FROM??
Sequel pleaaaase <3
Chapter 63: Anyways sequel please ? ∩__∩