Lean on me

The Battlefield of Cinderella
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Back at your hometown, L. Joe suddenly groaned and went down.

Your eyes widened, “L. Joe, what’s wrong?! Are you all right?”

“I can’t walk.” He frowned.

“Omo! They hurt you that badly?!” You panicked, “Let’s go to the hospital.”

“No, just…let me lean on you.” L. Joe glanced at you.

“Lean on me?” You didn’t think anything of it and nodded, “Okay. Sure.” You helped him up and slung his arm around your neck. L. Joe had already slipped his hand around your waist and pulled you close.

The two of you headed up to your house. L. Joe started nuzzling your cheek. You glanced at him weirdly *What is he doing?* He smiled and squeezed your waist.

“Uh, are you okay?” You asked. “Perfectly fine.” L. Joe purred.

“Because you’re awfully close.” You tried to pull away but he tugged you closer, “Cause I can’t walk on my own. I need you to support me.”

“Are you sure?” You suspiciously asked.

“Owww.” L. Joe groaned. He toppled your way and you lost your balance. L. Joe buried his face into your neck and moaned, “It hurrrts!”

You bit your lip. His breath tickled your skin.

“By the way,” He whispered, “What perfume do you use? It smells really good.”

You narrowed your eyes *I knew it.* “Aigoo!” You shoved him away.

“Ow! What are you doing to a hurt man!” L. Joe whined.

“You’re not hurt! You’re just acting like it so that you can be all touchy-feely with me, you playboy!” You scolded.

“HEY…was it that obvious?” He smirked.

You rolled your eyes and strode off.

“Wait!” L. Joe scrambled after you. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you recklessly close. “L. Joe!” You struggled, “Let go of me!”


“Then I’m going to scream!” You threatened, “People will come out and the police will take you away!”

“Go ahead.” L. Joe shrugged.

“What?” Your jaw dropped.

He smirked, “Just know that I’ll block your scream with my lips.”

You stared at him as if he was crazy.

“What? You don’t think I will?” In a blur of movement, L. Joe had pushed you backwards and pinned you against the wall. You gasped in surprise. He slammed his palm next to your face and your eyes widened *OMG.* L. Joe leaned in and softly gazed at you. He studied your face intently. Your cheeks heated up. In embarrassment, you turned away and bit your lip. Your heart was palpitating so fast that you thought it would literally race out of your chest. L. Joe tilted his head and you squeezed your hands into tight fists *Is he really going to kiss me?!*

L. Joe smiled in amusement, “I wish you could scream.” Your face turned tomato red.

“Will you scream?” He asked. You bit your lip. “Or maybe I should- HWAK!” L. Joe zoomed up to your face and your eyes turned big as saucers. “Just kiss you without an excuse.” He mumbled.

You swallowed hard. L. Joe inclined his lips towards you. *OH GOD!* You shut your eyes tightly. He stopped just a couple centimeters away and studied your blushing, flustered face.

Minutes passed. You slowly opened your eyes.

L. Joe smiled *Babo.* He flung his arms around you and pulled you close. Your eyes widened and heart thudded loudly. “So let’s just go home like this! I really am hurt! See my lips?” He pointed.

You wished he hadn’t done that. Now you wouldn’t get his perfect lips out of your head *I’m crazy.*

“Let’s go.” L. Joe leaned heavily against you.

“If you’re really hurt, why are we going to my house? Shouldn’t we be going to yours?” You grumbled.

L. Joe straightened up and brightened, “Is that a suggestion? You sly girl! You didn’t have to talk in such a difficult manner! If you wanted to come to my house in the first place., you never had to ask cause you’re welcome any time.”

You sighed, “Let’s just go to my house, okay?” You walked away.

“Is that an invitation, too?!” L. Joe eagerly followed you.

The two of you arrived at your house.

“Thanks for the fun time again, L. Joe. Besides almost getting killed, it was fun.” You said. He smiled.

You glanced at the cut by his lip and winced. You stepped up and gently ran your thumb over it. His eyes widened in surprise and this time, his heart went ba-bump.

“You should put medicine on that or it’ll leave a scar.” You stepped back, “I’m sorry you had to get hurt defending me. Good night, L. Joe.” You waved and went inside.

L. Joe genuinely smiled *Anytime, goma agashi. I’m willing to do anything for you.* Whistling happily with his hands in his pockets, he headed home.

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justleave 0 points #1
k_i_m_v_i_v_i_a_n #2
Chapter 63: Rereading this story again and I still love it!! Still curious about the ending tho ^^^
galaxy_yifan #3
Chapter 63: Just reread this for the nth time again! One of the best fanfic ever :) btw, pls accept my friend request so that i can reread my fav fanfic series of all time again )):
Veckyx #4
Chapter 63: Wow that was awesome..!!!
It's so rare for me to read a story without getting bored with it, and i totally one-shoted it! Nice story~
cua411 #5
could everyone tell me how to read 'my badass boyfriend and my badass boyfriend: senior year'? I'm already subscribed that stories but i cant read it again :( . That ones and this one are totally my styleee. Please author-nim :"""(
I read this story back in 2012, and it's still one of the best fanfic ever! <3
final789 #7
Chapter 62: Your story us really awsmm..... I can't help bt smile at every line of ur story.... Really love it... :)
caratgenes #8
Chapter 63: holy I do not regret reading this
angelz4ever #9
Chapter 63: Gosh! Rereading this makes me remember how i was sooooo addicted to this i kept on repeating it until i memorized everything- word for word... I miss reading this sooo much! Tho it makes me sad, i could still remember- that this story is one of the many stories that was published to be a good read- what is saddening is that i can't read the other stories that was well written by this author anymore TT^TT gotta blame all of those who stole the entity of those story TT^TT but still i'm soooo happy that i could this one along the another stories :)) i love the new published stories but i'm still addicted to the old ones!! Wishing that the time will come where in the old ones will be open again to the public. will be an avid fan of yours forever author-nim!! Love lots XOXO :**
tahlima #10
Chapter 63: I've read this book many times and one think I feel curious about is where LJoe get his money from