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My Loveable Gangster


She used to be a rich girl going to an elite high school. That was until her dad's company went bankrupt.

Her mother died when she was a kid so she's really close to my father.

She was forced out of Seoul Elite Prep since she couldn't pay tuition and had to enroll in TOP High School since it was free and close to her new home.

Going from riches to drag is hard, but there are many experiences to come. For example, falling in love with a gangster.


Hey guys! This is my third fanfic and my very first Teen Top fanfic. I hope you guys enjoy it! And check out my other fanfics:

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Also, credit to euntaec for my LOVELY poster! Thanks sooo much!


Lee Yookyung:

She used to be one of the richest girls in Seoul Elite Prep. Her father, Lee Young Jin, was the CEO of Lee Corporations. One day her father's company went bankrupt. She lost her mansion, her friends and her reputation. She and her father was kicked out and moved into a small rundown apartment. She transfered into TOP Academy and met him.  She's clumsy, stubborn, nice and smart.



He  is the gangster, the best fighter in his group. He's cold hearted and is only nice to his gang members. The longest time he ever talked to a stranger was 1 minute before he punched him. He's a kingka along with his gang Teen Top. He practically runs the school since every student and teacher is afraid of him.



Part of Teen Top and is the maknae. He's the one who helps her out whenever she's in trouble. He becomes friends with Yookyung. He's also the closest to L.joe along with Chunji.


Teen Top:

One of the strongest gangs in the neighborhood. CAP is the leader. Their rivals: ZE:A.


Teen Top's rival group.


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LarkspurRose #1
Chapter 39: Nooooo why is it over T_T
ilurvemyoppas #2
Chapter 39: kyaa !! this story truly daebak !! i'm finished this in a day ! i love teentop in this story ! especially my changjo and l.joe . kekeke xD good job author-nim ^^
intanesmelia #3
jessie_angel #4
Chapter 39: I had to read the last chapter since it was really good!!!
Haeni11 #5
new reader^^
twinkle_blossom #6
Chapter 39: Wow! This was such a cute story! >.<
I loved it, author-nim! It was awesome! ^_^
sharina95 #7
Chapter 39: Wow its awesome authornim^^
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Chapter 39: Aaaaawwwwww~~~~~♡♡♡
This was so cute!
gabbalicious97 #9
Chapter 39: awwww this was cute! I really enjoy the best friends' characters xD Taewoo,Nami and Mihyun...the latter one the most xD

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Chapter 39: The story is so adorable and cute ~~~~