The Orchard Dorm

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I thought wishes were just for stupid dreamers. The irony of it is I'm one of those stupid dreamers that had a promise to keep. 

Not only did I land into a new school filled with silver spoons but I caused twelve strangers to become something great. 

Oh did I also mention that my teacher is from a magical world on a mission to make my wish come true? 

It just goes to show that wishes can come in unexpected ways. Mine just came with a bunch of crazy adventures and twelve stubborn, and obnoxious guys. 

Where to find all of us? Obviously what it says in the title. The Orchard Dorm.


Hello~ My name is noelle0719. I love reading fanfics on this website but since I started my stories on Wattpad first, I decided to move them over to here too. Cause you know what the heck.

So they may be very slow updates and I have more than just one fanfic I want to put on here so look forward to that.

Enjoy the fanfic!

I did two updates. there's still more until I release the Christmas and New years one so anticipate it. Also about that random about Chanyeol's backstory I''m only putting pieces of the guys backstory throughout until it's time to actually reveal.

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PrincessSisi 0 points #1
Chapter 11: This is so cute! I am happy I found it. It kind of reads like a kpop/jpop television show, but that is not a bad thing. Nari is an interesting character even if she is a bit one dimensional so far compared to the guys, but there are hints of her past being complicated so I am sure she will grow on me in the future. Great work on this story so far!
Chapter 9: Noo my baby channie, I’ll fight them for you!
Jaslynn #3
Chapter 5: Oh wow this reminds me of the anime something Prince? I can’t recall the name
54 streak #4
Chapter 7: Awwwww Jongdae is adorable ^.^
heejunpark #5
Chapter 6: Ahhh, this is such a great story! Can't wait for more chapters, but poor Nari :( Some of them are really mean to her like Baekhyun and Sehun.... ><
Alosya #6
Chapter 6: I fall in love with this story like literally ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
54 streak #7
Chapter 5: Oh Satansoo is out already
Chapter 5: Keep up the great story, love it!
looking forward to this! fighting
Byun_Ran #10
Chapter 1: great story~ aishh these flirty boys.. still i ship Tao and Gucci