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Hey guys! Welcome to my EXO and BTS drabble series. I’ll be accepting prompts in the comment section so if you have a prompt/scenario that you would like me to write, feel free to request it.

*Please read first chapter for request information

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[19/09] Okay so it doesn't look like I'll be able to update. The hotel internet won't work on my laptop which is frustrating. If I update tomorrow it means I've found a solution but if not you'll have to wait until

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Bookie1698 #1
Chapter 45: Eiiii! I love this mafia au! I hope that you have one in store for BTS in the future!
Bookie1698 #2
Chapter 44: Hehe! I love the idea of his sister being an unwitting wing woman! Lol!
Bookie1698 #3
Chapter 43: Love! This is such an important reminder to not put such extreme ideals on our idols!
Chapter 42: Wishing you and all the people that we treasure the best for 2018, especially health and happiness *hugs*

Love both stories of this chapter and I'm really falling for Bangchen pairings and I love shy Chenchen in the end. Really love when he talks like that, turns you into a puddle of goo and makes you wanna take care of him ^^
Bookie1698 #5
Chapter 42: Great chapters! Love
Chapter 41: I just got home to catch up and I'm lost for words. It's hard to believe and the industry lost another legend, another Forever 27. May he rest in peace and my condolences to his family, friend, fellow artists and fans...
Chapter 41: When I heard about the news I was also very shocked! It's so sad to hear about such news.... :(
kakashilover #8
Chapter 41: OH god !!!!!
Bookie1698 #9
Chapter 40: Eiiiiiiiiiiiii! So cute! I died!