A Chance Encounter

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Kang Juyeon's life is rather ordinary.

She's content with her job as a Webtoon designer, where she's allowed to slack off. 

She indulges actively in reading romance novels, although she isn't delusional enough to believe them.

And she tries her best to watch her weight for she has a bridesmaid dress to fit into.


Her cousin, Kim Bona, on the other hand has a perfect everything - a perfect family with a loving parent, and a brother, a dreamy boyfriend who she's soon going to wed, and...a childhood friend who might be in love with her.


Juyeon tries her best not to envy Bona much, but she secretly wants a life just like her cousin's.

And a chance encounter with Bona's childhood friend, the broody workaholic as she calls him, at the convenience store is just what she needs to turn her life around. 





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This will be a short chaptered story narrated in the protagonist, Juyeon's point of view.

And it obviously features my bias, my bae Zhang Yixing

Hope you guys like it! :)




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Chapter 26: I think we would all be thrilled with anything you have to write about this story... I just read it for the 2nd time. I adore how the OC talks to herself, I don't feel as crazy anymore. XOXO
nicoleyori1 0 points #2
Ashkap_97 0 points #3
Chapter 25: Love this story!! Thank you so much!! Also guess what ? For some reason amazon puts ads at the bottom of each chapter and it picks random stuff from each chapter so once there was a sailor moon costume , the other time there was ads for flowers, and for the last chapter there was an ad for red raspberry pressed bath oil ?
39 streak 0 points #4
Chapter 27: oh did i tell you that i secretly wish that juyeon gets back with chanyeol?
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Chapter 27: ok im not a fan of exo but god damn yixing is such a bias wrecker. i never know that he's in exo because i barely see him. or maybe i didnt care enoughy about exo
hdez1004 #6
Chapter 26: Yes please. You’re story is great. More fluff please.
Just finish....its realistically cute XD
39 streak #8
ok ill start reading this now
Omuiyuni #9
Chapter 27: this was such a great story omg I'm gonna fail my midterm tomorrow because I couldn't put my phone down ;-;
also we should see yixing jealous or something WE DIDN'T SEE ANY OF THAT
YoonhaeKim #10
Chapter 27: This will always be my favorite Lay fic T.T Don't worry, we'll be waiting patiently :) Goodluck on your studies!!