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Tomorrow is my birthday. And I couldn't help but stare at Joon today haha. I am horrible. *slaps myself* ❤

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I love my secret friend. She sent me some YT links to cheer me up. That definitely made me forgot my anger LOL. *stops playing Dir En Grey music & stares at the videos*

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My drawings... since I'm bored....

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Damn it Joon!

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UKISS Don't Flirt MV

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Anyways, I heard U-kiss got a new member. I always get my K-pop news from my friend, since I don't stay up-to-date as I would like haha.

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This songs from MBLAQ is quite nice. [Short Review]

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I felt like blog posting about MBLAQ or a certain members today.

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MBLAQ - Ceci Magazine March Issue ‘14

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Lee Joon and KSB

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MBLAQ - Singles Magazine February Issue ‘14

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OMFG Joonie picked GD as his ideal type?!? XD

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Mblaq voting!

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New fic featuring Joon + cancelling others

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I'm sorry I just have to

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MBLAQ Mir love turns into rage....D:

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Exploration of Genders featuring Chunji, Joon, Eunji and more!

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EXO wolf ending ft MBLAQ

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MinSeob/MinJoon OMS

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