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UKISS Don't Flirt MV

by maryhadalittlellama on

Anyways, I heard U-kiss got a new member. I always get my K-pop news from my friend, since I don't stay up-to-date as I would like haha.

by hiddenrose on

This songs from MBLAQ is quite nice. [Short Review]

by hiddenrose on

I felt like blog posting about MBLAQ or a certain members today.

by hiddenrose on

MBLAQ - Ceci Magazine March Issue ‘14

by hiddenrose on

Lee Joon and KSB

by TheAwkwardMomentWhen on

MBLAQ - Singles Magazine February Issue ‘14

by hiddenrose on

OMFG Joonie picked GD as his ideal type?!? XD

by joonhoftw on


by KyuMiOk on

Mblaq voting!

by sweethazebrownies on

New fic featuring Joon + cancelling others

by minie-- on


by XGazeRockX on


by KeyOppaSaranghae on

I'm sorry I just have to

by joonhoftw on

MBLAQ Mir love turns into rage....D:

by KittyCatlovesMir on

Exploration of Genders featuring Chunji, Joon, Eunji and more!

by Smarters on

EXO wolf ending ft MBLAQ

by PeterChan on

MinSeob/MinJoon OMS

by ElleJacobs on


by xsnowhite on

MBLAQ- Smoky Girl (teaser)

by SulaysDaughter on

Dongwoo and Lee Joon Lookalikes.. AT MY SCHOOL!

by cupid- on


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