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Analyze Me

(WATTPAD STORY) In the eyes of his parents, there is something wrong with Clay. And that problem is...he is gay. Yes, Clayton Tate likes boys and because of his 'issue', he is forced to see a therapist.

I'll be your guardian...

By Yoo_Seop updated
Characters yoseob, you and B2ST
With 2 chapters, 5 subscribers, 70 views

Yang Yookyung (you) is a 25 year old girl. Have been a b2uty since B2ST debuted. After B2ST concert, she met Yang YoSeob at the streets. An accident happened and only Yoseob can

Day by Day

By arissa_b2uty updated
With 4 chapters, 120 views, 1 comments

Rachel and Yoseob memang kawan baik sejak zaman sekolah lagi. Tapi, bila habis sekolah, dia terus pindah and x inform apa2 dekat Rachel. 5 tahun berlalu tapi Rachel still menanti kepulangan Yoseob.   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Annyeong! Ni fanfic Rissa yg first.

She Brings the Boys Out [2nd Edition]

By aishwarya0906 updated
Characters Taeyang Yoseob Minhyuk Jimin Sehun Eunji Chanyeol Leo T.O.P Myungsoo Sunggyu Yunho Taehyung
With 12 chapters, 11 votes, 15 comments
Status Completed

A collection of short, one-shot stories featuring male idol from BAP, INFINITE, BIG BANG, SUJU, VIXX, BAP, BTOB, BEAST etc.. and Jung Eunji!<3 Themes: Suspence, Angst, Tragedy

♥ Stalker ♥

By Yanseob_YS updated
Characters Hana(OC) Yoseob Baekhyun V
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 70 views, 1 comments

Jung Hana adalah seorang gadis yang biasa-biasa sahaja di Cube Academy. Namanya pun tidaklah popular manapun. Tidak seperti kakaknya, Jung Eunji yang sering menjadi perhatian para penuntut di akademi itu bersama-sama dengan rakannya yang digelar Apink. Para penuntut di akademi tersebut pun tidak mengetahui ikatan di antara Hana dan Eunji disebabkan sikap Hana yang

iCorre- That One Day

By shinshana updated
Characters Yang Yoseob || Yoon Dujun ||
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 18 subscribers, 300 views, 6 comments

    Yang Yoseob is a bartender and also a part-time singer in a night club. He was 18 years old when he met the heart of him- Yoon Dujun who is five years older than him. Dujun is the owner's son of the famous and enormous Seoul Hotel. They were in love but none of them were taking it serious until Yang Yoseob broke the tie between them with a harsh and cruel way, leaving the older man in despair.        

Private Concert

By alibyuti updated
Characters Yang Yoseob, B2ST Members, Song Hyojung (OC), other OCs
With 12 chapters, 4 votes, 30 subscribers, 1210 views, 29 comments

After being mistaken as BEAST's coordinoona, Song Hyojung was clearly convinced that things won't be very easy like before.


By Yoo_Seop updated
Characters Yoseob, original character
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 10 subscribers, 170 views, 3 comments

"A mysterious girl named Lee SoRa in class 3-2 is actually been an 'non-exsistent' in the class because of some rumors that related to her. Her life is full of darkness and all of the happy moments got burned in the fire 5 years ago. She lived with her mother and grandmother. Her mother doesn't treat her like any other mothers. Instead she doesn't care about  Sora, as if sora is just like a doll to her. Her grandmother owns a shop full with dolls made by someone name '

Always Me

By DevilDeer85 updated
Characters Hyunseung Junhyung Yoseob Doojoon
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 22 subscribers, 1210 views, 12 comments

Another one Junseung story. I hope all of you can help me because I'm not an amateur. Thanks! Lots of love for you my readers! ^^  

My Creepy Stalker

By fatbiscuit73 updated
Characters Seoyeon (OC), Yoseob, Beast
With 35 chapters, 12 votes, 70 subscribers, 2320 views, 68 comments

Lee Seoyeon is a man-hater. She hates them with burning passion. She would ignore them whenever a guy goes up to her. It was because a certain man in her life left her and her mother and sister in poverty.  When a cute creepy guy stalker comes into her life, at first, she would ignore him. But he would follow her from her house (and soon enrolling to go to the same school as her). Would he change

Found You [HIATUS]

By rasyaSH updated
Characters ❤Yong Junhyung ❤Jang Hyunseung❤Yang Yoseob❤BEAST❤Others
With 1 chapters, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  Tittle : Found You Author : rasyaSH Genre : Angst, Love, Fluff, BL Length : 5 chapter or more or less Disclaimer : i do not own BEAST except for the storyline. OST : Found You - JYJ   This is my second story of Junseung couple with little Yoseobie. I still can't let go the characters of PLEASE. Sorry for that guys but this story is totally different from PLEASE. So, don't get it wrong.


By pandainpink updated
Characters Eunji, Yoseob, APink members, B2ST members, Others
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 19 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Eunji and Yoseob...Everybody could see that they were in love....Well..everybody but themselves... Will they be finally be able to realize that love? Or will it be too late?  

You're My Happiness

By Eerynia updated
Characters parkyeri/oc beast apink yoseob
With 3 subscribers, 40 views
Status Subscribers Only

You just debuted about 6 months and a new member of an innocent & famous girl group, Apink. You're a lovely girl yet a litte bit clumsy that makes people around you ( members of Apink & other people in your company ) love you and want to protect you. What happen when you fall in love with your sunbaenim just by hearing his beautiful voice that is Beast Yoseob since you was a trainee ? What happen when he also secretly fall in love with you but playing hard to get at the same time ?

Hated Until You're Loved 2; Can You Love Me Forever?

By Beastlovergirl updated
Characters Keui, Yosoeb, Beast, Candi, Surprise Guests, More OC
With 3 chapters, 1 comments

This is the sequel to "Hated Until You're Loved" and i hope that you will enjoy it. If you haven't read the first story yet i suggest you read it. This story will have a lot more ups and downs to it, and i plan to make it a little longer then the last story. i hope to have a set schedule for this story but we will have to see how it goes. i will be really busy in august (letting you know ahead of time) because of school starting up agian and my dads friend is coming home after serving in the

On a scale of one to Hyunseung, how weird are fans?

By lumpyspaceprincess updated
Characters Yoseob, Doojoon, Dongwoon, Junhyung, Hyunseung, Kikwang, Woohyun
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 comments

In which Yoseob receives a rather "unique" gift from an eccentric fan.             Warning: Random plot. Atrocious grammar and equally hrible sspellig (see!). Forever noob's writing.       I'm back indefinitely! XD Throw me a sack of potato if you reognize me..i doubt it though lol

Silence and The Supernatural

By Mystaeria updated
Characters yoseob dongwoon doojoon hyunseung gikwang junhyung OC
With 25 chapters, 4 votes, 63 subscribers, 3080 views, 85 comments

What can you do when the world is crashing all around your face? When mankind is being stolen away by demons to be used as slaves. Years of pain and sorrow have prepared you for worse situations then you had ever dreamed of encountering. You can't speak up for yourself or speak out against those who bind you. When all's looking down and looking up only lets the rain hit your face, what can you do? In a world of darkness and discord, can anyone possibly save you?


By purplishgrey updated
Characters Jimin, Yoseob, Han Yejin (OC), L.Joe, L
With 3 subscribers, 50 views
Status Subscribers Only

In this world, people thoughts that they only have one world, but in silent, there were two dimension which only these types of people knew.

One Glance

By penguin23 updated
Characters BEAST Kim Son Young(Fictional)
With 17 chapters, 6 comments
Status Completed

BEAST meets a solo trainee and find her to be amasing. They all one by one fall for her. She has know clue that she has to make a desicion between all of them. The turn out is surprising to everyone.

Girls Kisser??

By yongyongah updated
Characters B2st, Yoseob, You
With 19 chapters, 8 votes, 48 subscribers, 1630 views, 28 comments

You: a Girl who never interested in the bad boy. but destiny made ​​you met with Yang Yoseob, The Girls Kisser.  

The fight for true love and friendship

By yoseoblicans updated
Characters You, Yoseob, Junhyung, Hyunseung, Dujun, Dongwoon, Gikwang
With 8 chapters, 1 votes, 19 subscribers, 1090 views, 6 comments

An extraordinary story where you're friends with B2ST and Hyunseung is your brother. You are in the same school as Hyunseung, thus the same school as B2ST. They are the most popular guys in school, making you the envy of girls, a

We met again (on hiatus)

By Shinju112 updated
Characters Heo Gayoon; Yong Junhyung; Nam Woohyun; Yang Yoseob; others
With 9 chapters, 2 votes, 22 subscribers, 630 views, 13 comments

There was a time when Seoul was the most famous city in the world - here always saunded music, was shooting movies, An everyone was happy to live here. In Seoul was coming people from all over the world, they wanted to live happy, and became famous... But things have changed ...  Surprisingly, the best city went out of its regular order. For unknown biological reason people began to notice the changes that have most influenced the younger. Physical power, mental abilities, intuition,

P L E A S E.....

By rasyaSH updated
Characters Junhyung,Hyunseung,Yoseob,Kikwang,Doojoon,Dongwoon
With 44 chapters, 12 votes, 238 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Annyeong everyone! *waves happily*   rasyaSH is back with new story.   I decide to mak

You are the only One

By selina_elma updated
Characters Park Shinhhyeong (oc/you), Luhan, Yoseob, Exo
With 20 chapters, 2 votes, 7 comments
Status Members Only

Shinhyeong is a very kind girl and sweet. She lived happily with her loving parents until they died on an accident from an occasion. Since that day, she had to move with her uncle in Seoul and move to her new school, Seoul Performing Arts High School. She didn't want to leave her childhood friend which is Yoseob. She had been living in

YAH !!! AIERU !!!

By Yuki_IS updated
With 2 chapters, 31 subscribers, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

           "Jaesoon ah, this is my son. His name is Yang Yoseob. his age is same as yours and you'll both will go to the same school so I hope you can be best friend with my son, Jaesoon ah." said a young woman who was about 20 years old to a little boy name Yong Jaesoon.