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Being the Badass Bride of Byun Baekhyun, The Nerd

Authornim please be more confident in your stories. They are really great and your readers appreciate all of your work. Continue doing what you love and don't let anyone's rude opinion ruin that for you. Hwaiting! From one of your biggest fan!

Down Memory Lane

Byucywoo89 updated
CharactersPark Min Young(you) , Park Yoo Chun, Seo In Guk, Lee Yeon Hee
With8 chapters, 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 180 views, 2 comments

This story is a sad loving story about two lovers place in the Joseon Era. Both are in love, however their family past gets in the way of their relationship. Tragedy come in between their love.Will they ever have a happily ever after?


Byxoxo91 updated
CharactersKwon Jiyong, BoA, Dong Youngbae, Lee Yeon Hee, Yunho, Gina (OC)
With15 chapters, 12 votes, 95 subscribers, 31 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

  Jiyong really worked hard to reach his career to be like now, become a super idol of Korea. From writing songs, singing, fashion trendsetters, to a music producer. Lots of news about his relationship with some of the artists. But no one ever knew that in his heart, he s

Its our Mistake ? [OneShot]

BySaranghaeMinYeon updated
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 3 subscribers, 940 views, 7 comments

Lee YeonHee is a famous actress and singer in Seoul.  Many loves her. SungMin is her no.1 fans.  But SungMin is such a poor guy.  No one likes SungMin because he is poor.  SungMin trying to get the heart of YeonHee.  -Will they able to be a lovers?  -Will SungMin success? * Hope you will subscribe m

You Belong To Me

ByAiLeeff updated
CharactersJung YunHo, Park HyeRan(OC), Park YooChun, Lee YeonHee, Kim JunSu, Jang RiIn, Kim JaeJoong, Shim ChangMin, Park ShinHye
With48 chapters, 5 votes, 129 comments

She runs away to New York , where nobody knows her.  however, memories can't be easily forgotten. he will always be inside her pure heart.  a sequel to "I Belong To You"

Jang Hui Bin: Queen of Joseon

Bydazzlecwc updated
CharactersIm Yoona, Go Ara, Onew, Lee Taemin, Lee Yeonhee
With1 votes

      Historically, Jang Hui Bin is the most renowned royal concubine of the Joseon Dynasty. She was known for her beauty as well as her cunning and greed for power. Her era in the Joseon Dynasty was fraught with political turmoil and continuous changes of power in the government.

Hello & Goodbye

ByAinSyuyoungi updated
With27 chapters, 5 subscribers, 790 views, 7 comments

Setiap pertemuan itu pasti ada perpisahannya. Hanya waktu sahaja yang menentukannya. Tetapi... Sesuatu yang tidak dijangka pasti akan berlaku dalam setiap pertemuan dan perpisahan itu...

A Wistful Farewell

ByTee123 updated
With2 chapters, 2 votes, 17 comments

CHARACTERS (alphabetical order): Jung Yunho

Forever Yours

Bykhimlee updated
CharactersSong JoongKi, Moon ChaeWon, Lee YeonHee, Choi JinHyuk, Park HyukSik
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 200 views, 2 comments

What would you do if a fallen angel fell right in front of you? This is a story about a fallen angel who learns how to love, yet cannot love. 

A Bamboo's Wounds

ByGooseFlavor updated
CharactersLee yeonhee and shim changmin
With2 chapters, 2 votes, 2 comments

A bamboo and a heart are alike. They're both hollow.  

Beautiful Flower (On-Hiatus)

ByHaruka-Harukaze75 updated
CharactersLee Yeonhee, Baekhyun Byun, Suho Kim
With17 chapters, 1 votes, 20 subscribers, 1020 views

(Please visit Chapter 13 for a notice that all new and resuming readers must read.) Yeonhee Lee was a city-born girl with rare manners. Almost all her life, she's worked in the cheesecake shop that her family used to manage that's in Seoul. Her bills and everything else are helped out and mostly paid by the government. She lives alone in an apartment above the shop and goes to high school. Yeonhee has two guy friends, Baekhyun Byun and Suho Kim. Suho K

Butterfly Waltz

ByGooseFlavor updated
CharactersChangmin (dbsk), Lee Yeonhee (actress)
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 4 comments

I'll give you wings to fly. 

Heaven's Tears

Bysw33tie101 updated
CharactersLee Yeon Hee, Shim Changmin, Park Yoochun, Lee Da Hae, Ulzzangs
With1 chapters, 370 views

Cast: Lee Chi Hoon as Shim Chi Hoon (18) Park Jae Hyun as Shim Min Woo/ Park Jae Hyun (18) Lee Yeon Hee as Chi Hoon and Min Woo Birth Mother

Code: Red

BySe7en123 updated
With1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 80 views

Red--the color of vitality--full of life, and above all confident and persistent, thats what Red was-not the color, but the person.  Or can you even call him a person?  This man who seemed to be in his mid-twenties at the most had the intelligence of a wise old man--no was more brilliant and intellectual than a wise old man.  This man was a survivor, the lone survivor of the planut arcus pluvius.  Arcus pluvius was planet once full of time travelers, Red being one of

여고과담 || Apply Open ||

Bybaby_magian03 updated
With1 chapters, 11 subscribers, 390 views, 5 comments

    Welcome to Jookran High School for Girls. W

Identity Crisis

Byflow19 updated
CharactersChoi Sooyoung, Jung Yunho, Jessica Jung, Kim Jaejoong, Lee Yeonhee, Shim Changmin, Kim Taeyeon, Kim Junsu, Zhang Liyin, Park Yoochun
With3 chapters, 2 votes, 18 subscribers, 1410 views, 22 comments

                Yunho suddenly found himself having difficulty believing in miracles as he was left wiping cupcake icing off a table, not wanting to add additional stress for Jaejoong and Jessica. To say that Kim Minji’s fourth birthday party was in full swing was a complete understatement. Jessica and Jaejoong were busy entertaining their guests, the birthday girl and her friends were busy with their tea party and the boys were having fun running a

Rays of Consequence

Bygnelei updated
CharactersJung Il Woo Lee Hyeon Hee
With1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 380 views, 3 comments

You might quite be familiar with the story if you've read Unfortunate Events. I just feel like posting it here as oneshot...  It's one of the trilogy that I have mixed up to come up with my fanfic Unfortunate Event. 

I Trusted You But You Lied ~Completed~

Byfelishanne updated
CharactersKim JaeJoong, Lee YeonHee, Bae SeulGi, Jung YunHo, and Kwon BoA
With21 chapters, 1 votes, 13 subscribers, 9920 views, 6 comments

Trust is like a mirror. Once it's broken, it's always hard to get their trust together. Sometimes, it's easy to trust, yet it can be hard to trust. Depending on the person and who's involve, trust is always t

Detective Joseon

Byaiwaitsumo updated
With1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 210 views, 1 comments

PLOT:  This story starts a little later in Kim Junsu's life... Where he lives his life as an elementary student when he's really a sophomore in high school.  He butted into a case that he was not supposed to be in and got caught redhanded.  The person, thought, thankfully decided to use a drug to 'kill' him instead of shooting him down.  Of course, the drug caused his body to become smaller and thus making him live his life as Kang Joseon.  He is, as of now, living with his best  and childh

My Day As A Guy

Bymaakopla updated
CharactersLee Yeon Hee, Lee Jun Ki
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 1520 views, 7 comments

A girl dresses as her twin brother on ther first day in new school. 


Byhannieyoo updated
CharactersKim Jaejoong, Lee Yeon Hee, and minor appearances
With3 chapters, 3 subscribers, 330 views, 5 comments

'Daydreamer' is a short story about two different groups of people, and how they find each other through their pains.

Flowerlikesmiles Poster Request Shop (Hiatus)

Byflowerlikesmiles updated
With5 chapters, 8 subscribers, 830 views, 12 comments

Hiatus Effective May 25, 2011

I n f E C t e D (not a horror story~)

Byilovehim updated
With12 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 1520 views, 7 comments

I n f E C t e D (not a horror story~)

Saving Kim Jae Joong's

Bycutterpillow updated
CharactersKim Jae Joong, Lee Yeon Hee, DBSK, Jang Geun Suk, Go Ara
With20 chapters, 6 votes, 57 subscribers, 12290 views, 98 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Forcing can sometimes be good.

Are we still friends?

Bysmilethao updated
With1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 1730 views, 1 comments

There were these student best friends since they were kids [boy and girl]. As they grew up the girl started dressing like a boy and they were both still the best of friends in freshman ending year. They both were really popular as teens with the guys, but then one day he starts to like a girl. She gets jealous, and she doesnt know what that feeling. She decides that she needs to make changes with her look for him to like her, but when she does, all her friends laugh at her and then she give