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About Eunji and Him! (one-shots)
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She was looking at the couple in amusement: Taeyeon being 3 years older than her boyfriend, Baekhyun, and plus their crazy saesangs, but, yet they were going strong as ever. She longed for such relationships. As if someone could voice out her thoughts,   "Do you envy them?" She was about to turn her head, but the person's hands held her head straight, so that she could not turn to look at him.   "Then, go out with me, noona. " He whispered into her ears in a provocative way.      "Wait - what?" Before she could turn, he had already left the scene. The place behind her was empty; she looked around to find someone walking away, but there were many at that time, since the show was just over and everyone was leaving the stage.   She wondered who he could be: someone younger, and he seemed quite taller than her, the way he leaned down to whisper those words "Go out with me, noona". Those words kept playing in her head. His voice was vivid and, she noticed, manly. He couldn't be that young, she thought. His hold was rigid yet his hands were soft and warm. She was deep in her thoughts when Bomi told her to follow others to their waiting room. When she got busy after that, she forgot about the encounter with that mysterious guy.   At their dorm, later at night, she got a text from an unknown number, which said, "Noona, so what do you think about my proposal? Do you want to go out with me?"  She suddenly sat up straight from her leaning position on the couch. This startled Bomi, who was at the other end of the same couch.   "Yahh, Ji" "Sorry, Bomm" and she stood up to go to her room, still looking at her phone screen, with furrowed brows. Bomi noticed her expression, though.   In the room, Eunji was lost in her thoughts : who could it be? She tried to think of young guys whom she was close to. There were few from Vixx, BtoB, B.A.P, etc, but could not pin-point who it was exactly. Plus his voice was different than any she had heard before.   "What is it. Ji?" Eunji had not seen Bomi enter her room and was thus surprised. After a pause, she replied "Bomm, something weird happened today" and she told her what had happened.   "And, he texted you as well?"  Eunji nodded. Bomi was thinking hard.  "Chhakaman!" and before Eunji could inquire, she jolted out of her room.   After a minute, she returned, with her laptop in her hand. She opened it and browsed videos online, and found the one which they had were in earlier.   "Daebak Bomm! Why didn't I think of that?" Eunji exclaimed in excitement Bomi just grinned cutely. They finally found that day's music show live broadcast recording. She immediately jumped towards the last portion of the video, their eyes darted towards themselves. Then, there they saw Eunji in it with a tall guy behind her. Their heads turned towards each other, with their eyes as big as they could get.    "Omo" Both exclaimed in surprise.   At the same time, Eunji's phone beeped. It was from HIM.   "Noona, I'm not a stalker nor a sae sang. I was the one who talked with you during the show, remember? But, wait, you have not seen my face yet. Well, you can find about me when you watch the re-telecast of the show, but will you accept my proposal?"   "Wahh, this guy is weird. How can I say yes, if I don't know who he is? Stupid!" Eunji said in annoyance.  "But, now you know. So, what is your answer?" Bomm asked with curious eyes.   "I dunno, Bomm. This is just too sudden." "But, we all know, you have had eyes on him since their debut, remember?" "True, but…this is all too sudden and unexpected. Don't you think this is too much of a coincidence? I mean I am crushing over this guy, who is quite younger than me and the next you know he asks you out." "Well, it is somehow, but that's why it is exhilarating, don't you think?" Bomi was smiling   Eunji could not deny the fact that she was actually excited about this proposal. She smiled with her.    "Okay, then you do what you need to. I need to go and have my own boyfriend-talk-time" She grinned mischievously and left her room.   Eunji started to type on a message "Well, I am not going to answer unless you show up in front of me and say it"    She was satisfied with this reply and sent it.   Then, there was a reply, not that long
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Hello, after a year. I had this draft with Shi Yoon from the time 2nd season of Eunji's drama had aired, but I recently came across it and decided to finish and publish it. This pair I was quite intrigued by. Hopefully, it is not that bad. :)


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meungji93 #1
Chapter 9: Another ship for kookji, and i would be greedy if i want another chapter of kookji next time😁
meungji93 #2
Chapter 10: This moments also make me fly when i watch it😅
meungji93 #3
Chapter 21: Please make another chap with jin of BTS, can't move on from the previous chapter T.T
Chapter 21: Ack!!! So freaking cute!! It's such a random log-in and I did not expect you would update!
How are you there?
I do feel the spark, yes! When watching them on the first season I wished, I really did wish he would be a cast for the new season too!! Aaaaaackkk thank god! and their spark felt so real! Just the way I imagined! Clumsy talk, flirt, yet fully committed..
sigh, my heart.
Anyway, what a lovely update indeed, thank you for sharing!
dewi_sari20 #5
Chapter 19: I'll wait for this sequel♥️♥️♥️
Blueandgreenlove #6
I love that, don't worry, you definitely haven't lost the touch, thanks for the story, i hope you will bring more eunji series, i will wait .
Chapter 19: Oh my.. Seokjin and Eunji. The pair I never knew I needed. Lol
I hope they get a chance to get closer on the next part hehe. Just take your time, writernin. I’ll patiently wait :)
Hope that you’ll write more Eunji’s stories in the future <3
Berlianvelia #8
Chapter 19: So glad you continue writing about Eunji
Chapter 19: I like this new story - eunji and jin..

tho cmiiw, i think eunji is a sunbae to eunkwang since apink made their debut on 2011, meanwhile btob on 2012?

still, thank you for sharing this story
Chapter 10: I remember how I like randomly ship eunji with yoongi. Something about them was odd, but matched nevertheless. And this cute story just perfect to give me picture of how they'll be an oddly matched couple. Dang. That hormones, I bet eunji will often have difficulty to solve this hormonal issue between them, but hey, it'll work, I believe.