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About Eunji and Him! (one-shots)
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  It was her off-day today, after rigorous drama shoots that lasted for 3 months. Thus, she is trying to relax, but since the morning, as they say, once you get used to working, even a day-off feels like a week-long, She is restless. She is fidgeting with her phone, looking for someone to talk to. She stopped at a certain number, and with hesitance dialled it.   "Unnnni" "De, Eunji-ah, how are you? Wahh, I am privileged to even get a call from you." Woori . "Unnni." She frowned a bit but smiled eventually. "Really, how are you? Have you finished filming your drama?" "I'm good unni. Actually, we finished it yesterday, and I'm on my break actually." "Really? Chhukaye! So what's the plan?" "Mmm..I was thinking of visiting you on the set" "Bwo? Aren't you tired of drama sets for now? You are on your break, girl"   Eunji chuckled "Actually I miss it, a bit" "Hmm" "So, can I come? Where are you shooting today?"   Woori gave her the location, and mentioned she would be there at around 11 in the morning.   Eunji got dressed, her usual - baggy shorts and t-shirt. She was happy all of a sudden.   When she reached there, there were actors, PD, managers, stylists all shuffling around getting ready for the shoot. She loved this environ somehow. She was simply lost in that atmosphere, when someone bumped onto her. She turned and bowed her head low uttering apologies. When she met the gaze of that person, she didn't recognise him immediately. He had those pretty eyes, stylish bangs, plump lips and a professional-looking camera in his hand. He just smiled saying apology, bowed and left. She was rooted to her position. She tried to remember him, but could not. He was really familiar.    "Eunji-ah, you are here. Oh it's been so long." And she hugged her dongsaeng. "Aww…I missed you too." Her manager was calling her for something. "Wait here, okay? I'll be right back"   Well, she was not back for quite a while, since the shoot had already begun. When it was Woori's turn, she saw that guy again. Then she realised who he was - Lee Hongbin of VIXX. Her eyes was fixed on him during the whole shoot. He was quite charming - those dimples, that cute laugh. She didn't realise when the shoot was over and Woori had come and stood beside her.   "Like what you are seeing?" She said in a friendly mocking tone   Eunji was astonished, and realised she was not alone anymore. A blush crept up her neck.   "Should I introduce you two?" "Bwo? Unni…no ..no " Before she finished her incomprehensible uttering, Woori had already beckoned him.   "De, Noona?" "Hong-ah, this is Eunji, and Eunji this is Hongbin. I bet you have met before" Both bowed to each other, and nodded "De"   "Eunji came to meet me, since she was free for today, she just finished her shoot" Hongbin simply nodded, and grinned slightly at Eunji.   Eunji suddenly had her butterflies soaring up in her tummy seeing his dimpled grin. Woori was busy explaining her friendship with Eunji, her dramas, and what-nots, but the other two were out in their own worlds taking peeks at each other from time to time. After half an hour so, Woori had to leave, so she dragged Eunji with her for late lunch, whereas Hongbin bid his goodbye saying he has an evening schedule with s.    After that encounter, both of them started noticing each other, more than often.   Hongbin would always probe subtle questions about her to Leo, who would make an unreadable frowning face, but answered him nonetheless. He would watch her dramas countless times, just to see her eye-smile. He was simply addicted to her. She was far from his ideal type, who does lots of aegyo, but through her shows and interactions, he found her to be quite sensible, kind and good-natured. He thought her voice was magnificent, whenever she sang on shows, he would repeat them for nth times. He would get jealous of any intimate scene with her co-actors, or if she is friendly with any other male idol in music shows. He even sulked for the whole day after watching fan videos of her with other guys. He had simply lost it : lost it to her charms.   Then as well, Eunji was t
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Hello, after a year. I had this draft with Shi Yoon from the time 2nd season of Eunji's drama had aired, but I recently came across it and decided to finish and publish it. This pair I was quite intrigued by. Hopefully, it is not that bad. :)


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meungji93 #1
Chapter 9: Another ship for kookji, and i would be greedy if i want another chapter of kookji next time😁
meungji93 #2
Chapter 10: This moments also make me fly when i watch it😅
meungji93 #3
Chapter 21: Please make another chap with jin of BTS, can't move on from the previous chapter T.T
Chapter 21: Ack!!! So freaking cute!! It's such a random log-in and I did not expect you would update!
How are you there?
I do feel the spark, yes! When watching them on the first season I wished, I really did wish he would be a cast for the new season too!! Aaaaaackkk thank god! and their spark felt so real! Just the way I imagined! Clumsy talk, flirt, yet fully committed..
sigh, my heart.
Anyway, what a lovely update indeed, thank you for sharing!
dewi_sari20 #5
Chapter 19: I'll wait for this sequel♥️♥️♥️
Blueandgreenlove #6
I love that, don't worry, you definitely haven't lost the touch, thanks for the story, i hope you will bring more eunji series, i will wait .
Chapter 19: Oh my.. Seokjin and Eunji. The pair I never knew I needed. Lol
I hope they get a chance to get closer on the next part hehe. Just take your time, writernin. I’ll patiently wait :)
Hope that you’ll write more Eunji’s stories in the future <3
Berlianvelia #8
Chapter 19: So glad you continue writing about Eunji
Chapter 19: I like this new story - eunji and jin..

tho cmiiw, i think eunji is a sunbae to eunkwang since apink made their debut on 2011, meanwhile btob on 2012?

still, thank you for sharing this story
Chapter 10: I remember how I like randomly ship eunji with yoongi. Something about them was odd, but matched nevertheless. And this cute story just perfect to give me picture of how they'll be an oddly matched couple. Dang. That hormones, I bet eunji will often have difficulty to solve this hormonal issue between them, but hey, it'll work, I believe.