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About Eunji and Him! (one-shots)
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  Eunji is having an awesome break, with her friends and family. She is enjoying all those extreme sports: her accelerating heartbeat and her heightening ecstasy. But there is something else, or let us say someone else, who makes her heart beat faster than paragliding up in the blue sky - Him. She misses him a lot, and wishes he would come with her next time, even though he would be hesitant to try those extreme sports. Yet, she knows, she never voices her feelings onto words, that he is all she thinks about; not because she is shy, she is simply like that. And she knows it bothers him that she doesn't say anything, like those three words "I miss you" or those four words "Wish you were here".   She is right; Jimin is not feeling gleeful as s are at the moment, even when they have released their much anticipated album with awesome concerts and comeback stages. He is just not feeling it, just because she seems to be far away from him. She isn't the type to say anything endearing over the phone nor the messages; she is having a time of her life, and it is no doubt he is glad that she is, since she has worked herself too much these past few months. He knows she deserves it but deep in his heart he wishes she was within the same zip code as he was. He misses her dearly. He tries to expreess to her indirectly from time to time that he likes her with all his heart, and she is someone special to her, but most of the times she is smiling and grinning at him without a reply. He knows she likes him back, that is not the question, since she was the one who asked him out first, but sometimes, one needs words to confirm one's true feelings, and Eunji certainly lacks in this area.   In the changing room, he has been refreshing his message box every few minutes, in hope that she will text him something endearing besides those selfies with her friends and family. She could even call, you know, even though it is a secret among their band members, he can certainly find a secluded corner to talk with her. But there he is, tapping the screen as if it will do some magic. The always charming smily face of Jimin is at present void of any happiness. He wishes she knew this.    "Uri Jiminie, what are you doing here alone?" Tae asks his friend playfully.   Jimin, barely smiling and having said nothing, stands up and goes towards the door, so that he can excuse himself from the crowd to go to the toilet, and stay there for some minutes, before the concert preparations. He turns the door knob and shuts the door behind him, and not much later is pulled by someone towards a door next. That certain person drags him inside the adjacent room, which was dark, and thus he could not make out what this all was. His kidnapper closes the door and  turns towards him, whom he could still not recognise. His hand is clasped in the stranger's, yet that person lights his phone with his other free hand and brings it in between them.   When the light is shown to his face, Jimin realises "he" is not a male, instead a female, whom he loves the best in this world.    "Ji" The word escapes as a gasp, in total surprise. She smiles
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Hello, after a year. I had this draft with Shi Yoon from the time 2nd season of Eunji's drama had aired, but I recently came across it and decided to finish and publish it. This pair I was quite intrigued by. Hopefully, it is not that bad. :)


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meungji93 #1
Chapter 9: Another ship for kookji, and i would be greedy if i want another chapter of kookji next time😁
meungji93 #2
Chapter 10: This moments also make me fly when i watch it😅
meungji93 #3
Chapter 21: Please make another chap with jin of BTS, can't move on from the previous chapter T.T
Chapter 21: Ack!!! So freaking cute!! It's such a random log-in and I did not expect you would update!
How are you there?
I do feel the spark, yes! When watching them on the first season I wished, I really did wish he would be a cast for the new season too!! Aaaaaackkk thank god! and their spark felt so real! Just the way I imagined! Clumsy talk, flirt, yet fully committed..
sigh, my heart.
Anyway, what a lovely update indeed, thank you for sharing!
dewi_sari20 #5
Chapter 19: I'll wait for this sequel♥️♥️♥️
Blueandgreenlove #6
I love that, don't worry, you definitely haven't lost the touch, thanks for the story, i hope you will bring more eunji series, i will wait .
Chapter 19: Oh my.. Seokjin and Eunji. The pair I never knew I needed. Lol
I hope they get a chance to get closer on the next part hehe. Just take your time, writernin. I’ll patiently wait :)
Hope that you’ll write more Eunji’s stories in the future <3
Berlianvelia #8
Chapter 19: So glad you continue writing about Eunji
Chapter 19: I like this new story - eunji and jin..

tho cmiiw, i think eunji is a sunbae to eunkwang since apink made their debut on 2011, meanwhile btob on 2012?

still, thank you for sharing this story
Chapter 10: I remember how I like randomly ship eunji with yoongi. Something about them was odd, but matched nevertheless. And this cute story just perfect to give me picture of how they'll be an oddly matched couple. Dang. That hormones, I bet eunji will often have difficulty to solve this hormonal issue between them, but hey, it'll work, I believe.