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About Eunji and Him! (one-shots)
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  (2012)   Sehun, as usual, is being playful with Luhan. This is one of those moments why their fans ship HunHan couple. But the guys know they adore each other because they are good friends who build a team together. And yes, the maknae is showing his derp face as usual, when he is happy being with his hyung. And it is the backstage, for God's sake, and he cares less about his reputation.    At the same time, the A-pink girls pass them by, bowing to everyone near them. As they leave the two boys far behind, after bowing and cheering for each other, Eunji suddenly asks no one in particular,   "He is such a dork, isn't he?" "Du-gu?" Bomi responds "Exo's maknae" Eunji replies with a grin Bomi is puzzled.   This short exchange doesn't go unheard by Sehun himself. His gaze turns to her, who is already far away, and who is not aware of his gaze from her back. He makes an annoyed-yet-derp face again.    ------------------------------------------------------ (2013)   "Yeol hyung is doing it again" he mumbles to himself.    Chanyeol is taking glances at his "goddess" from time to time, and he is sure the fans have recorded it in their cameras already.    "Aissh, he is blocking my view" He inwardly groans.   The thing is Chanyeol is one of the biggest fans of Eunji since Answer Me 1997. He always says he admires her a lot, but as a fan, and nothing else, since he already has someone he loves (whose name has never been mentioned). And for some reason, Sehun is bothered by this piece of information about his hyung fan-boying someone : that someone he is trying to get a peek at, at that moment. Apparently, she is looking pretty today out of all days, in that strapless black dress. And what amuses him is that he knows she is uncomfortable in it, as she has been pulling her dress up from time to time. Yet, he has his eyes on her, from time to time.   But, Yeol hyung pulls his chair to the front so that he can admire her view, which leaves Sehun stretching his neck to see her smily face.   "Why is she always so smily? Isn't she fed up with her smiling too much? Doesn't she ever think the others might take her as a fake, or even easy, for worst?" His head is filled with questions related to only her.   -------------------------------------------------------- (2015)   The week before was pretty tough for him. First he got into a small accident on the stage, so couldn't perform with others. And when he came back to say his apologies to the fans, tears started streaming. He suddenly remembered everything that had happened throughout last year and this year - members leaving, to top it all - his closest hyung leaving. He had been keeping it inside, but suddenly it burst out. Now, he is resting his head on the couch of one of the broadcasting stations regarding his recording there last week - some technical problem, they say. He closes his eyes for a moment, but a distinct laugh reverberates in the hallway. As he opens his eye lids, he sees her again, after quite a while. His derp face returns. But as she sees him, she bows, the laugh completely wiped off from her face, replaced by a somewhat worried frown.   "Why is she looking at me like that" He thinks to himself, but returns her bow, instead of becoming a rude jerk.   When she passes by him and disappears from his view, his head rests on its previous place, and he keeps staring at the ceiling.    "Do I look weird? She stopped laughing the moment she saw me" He is again lost in his thoughts, and his eyes close automatically. He dozes off.    A pat on his shoulder wakes him up. Kyungsoo hyung with his doe eyes, is looking at him.   "Gwenchana?" He inquires. "De, hyung. Did the PD-nim call us?" D.O. simply nods.  "I must be too tired" He smirks and starts to pull himself up off the comfy couch. "Wait, is this yours?" the older points at something on the seat.   He picks it up automatically, which happens to be his favourite chocolate drink, but it has a small post-it on it, which says, " Fighting! The happy-derp face suits you better :) "   It's for him, for sure, since the note mentions his well-kno
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Hello, after a year. I had this draft with Shi Yoon from the time 2nd season of Eunji's drama had aired, but I recently came across it and decided to finish and publish it. This pair I was quite intrigued by. Hopefully, it is not that bad. :)


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meungji93 #1
Chapter 9: Another ship for kookji, and i would be greedy if i want another chapter of kookji next time😁
meungji93 #2
Chapter 10: This moments also make me fly when i watch it😅
meungji93 #3
Chapter 21: Please make another chap with jin of BTS, can't move on from the previous chapter T.T
Chapter 21: Ack!!! So freaking cute!! It's such a random log-in and I did not expect you would update!
How are you there?
I do feel the spark, yes! When watching them on the first season I wished, I really did wish he would be a cast for the new season too!! Aaaaaackkk thank god! and their spark felt so real! Just the way I imagined! Clumsy talk, flirt, yet fully committed..
sigh, my heart.
Anyway, what a lovely update indeed, thank you for sharing!
dewi_sari20 #5
Chapter 19: I'll wait for this sequel♥️♥️♥️
Blueandgreenlove #6
I love that, don't worry, you definitely haven't lost the touch, thanks for the story, i hope you will bring more eunji series, i will wait .
Chapter 19: Oh my.. Seokjin and Eunji. The pair I never knew I needed. Lol
I hope they get a chance to get closer on the next part hehe. Just take your time, writernin. I’ll patiently wait :)
Hope that you’ll write more Eunji’s stories in the future <3
Berlianvelia #8
Chapter 19: So glad you continue writing about Eunji
Chapter 19: I like this new story - eunji and jin..

tho cmiiw, i think eunji is a sunbae to eunkwang since apink made their debut on 2011, meanwhile btob on 2012?

still, thank you for sharing this story
Chapter 10: I remember how I like randomly ship eunji with yoongi. Something about them was odd, but matched nevertheless. And this cute story just perfect to give me picture of how they'll be an oddly matched couple. Dang. That hormones, I bet eunji will often have difficulty to solve this hormonal issue between them, but hey, it'll work, I believe.