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an in death only we ought to live 


"School? I would rather go to that old run down school than this one! Everyone only cares about money, even in friends."

Soorim whined through the phone to her grandmother. She rolled across the bed and sat up.

"Oh and nana, you haven't told me about Jaehyun yet,"

A small chuckle was heard from the other side of the phone, "I'll tell you someday, when I have time,"

Soorim could imagine her grandmother smiling while saying that. Soorim glanced at the wall clock and got up from the bed.

"Okay nana, I have to go. I have school tomorrow and it's already late."

"Okay honey," Soorim took a deep breath, "I love you nana."

"I love you too Soorim, don't you ever dare to forget me okay?"

"I will never forget you."


Soorim watched her classmates from her seat. Some are reading, some other are sleeping or talking. And there she is, alone sitting at the back in a corner. Her eyes wanders for another while before she stood up and proceed towards the door. Soorim decided to go to the library, well it was the only place she feels comfortable with in this school. 

The library was empty; well except for the grumpy librarian who was always at the counter. Soorim walked around the library and found a table, hidden behind a big shelve. She glances around her, to see if anyone saw her there before she pull a chair and sat. 

'A nap won't hurt' 

Soorim laid her head on her arms.

Taeyong entered the library and gave the librarian a light nod. 

"Here's the book you asked me last week," said the librarian with a red hardcover book in her hand.

Taeyong took the book. Notre Dame de Paris. "It seems old,"

"It is. Very old to be exact. This one is one of the first edition." She explained. "Take good care of it."

Taeyong have always loved books. Old books. To him the stories from the old books was always the best. It was logical, original and classic. The language was beautiful as the story explained every single situation in a very elegant manor. Another way of his to escape his complicated life. His life of a family that lived on by the name of business with no line of love.

"I will, thank you."

Taeyong carried the book through the shelves to find a place to sit. When he walk pass the third shelve he saw a girl, head on the table, sleeping probably. He walked towards her o wake her up but as his hand was about to touch her shoulder the girl jolted awake and stood up. Her head accidentally knocked onto his nose and he fell backwards.

Soorim hiss in pain while rubbing her head. She turned around to look at the other victim and saw the boy already on the floor with his hands on his nose.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry, I didn't mean it!" Soorim knelt to reach his height and was about to touch his nose when he pushed her hands away and stood up.

"I am so sorry, I really am."

He ignored Soorim's words and left the scene. Soorim who was still on her knees was confused of what she should do. She was about to stand up when she saw a red book on the ground. She took the book and tried to decipher to writings on the book.

'What is this?'

Soorim was about to walk away with the book when someone else approached her, panting.

"You're Soorim right?"

She recognised the boy, the class president,

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