Crime Scene


A cast of celebrities live on a secluded island to film a TV show but it turns out that many horrors await them. Will they be able to get out of the island alive? 


This will be my second attempt at something mildy suspenseful and mysterious and my first attempt at something that might possibly be violent. I don't have a very vivid imagination neither do I enjoy dwelling on gory things so do rest assured that this fic will never get overly violent/scary. This fic was inspired by Crime Scene, a JTBC TV show that I really love to watch and I hope that you'll enjoy it! :) Wonderful poster and background created by Spotlight Posters

Also, I'm sorry about this but the poster doesn't really reflect all the characters in the story! These will be my main characters but the others are just as important as well :) 


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Chapter 7: What what what did she uncovered?

Update sooooon pleaseeeee :))
Chapter 6: Oh no! CL's going to be blamed.....

Based on some stories that I've read and watched, the less/least suspicious person is the one who commits the crimes...well, some.. Never know what will happen anyway.
It has a similarity to Death Bell so I can feel the suspence....oooohhhh

Please update as soon as you can~~~ :))
makebelieve #3
Chapter 6: Everything is getting more interesting! Update soon!
kwanggu #4
Chapter 6: Oh daebaakk. . . . Still love darling couple so much :-D update please, fighting. . .
IMVIP29 #5
Chapter 4: Please update more if you're free!!! This story is thrilling yet exciting!!!
kyonkichi #6
Chapter 5: yeay finally an update so tq authornim. guess ur bz with life, right? nwy mre dead bodies n mre mystery to solve! glad sh n js r in this chp cos i miss them :) love sh's quick thinking n js's caringness for sh so mre plez? :)
interesting. i'm looking forward for this fic! pls update :)
kyonkichi #8
Chapter 4: wow an update so tq authornim ;) i really like mh's qn to suzy ~ so detective-like n yes,the plot start to thicken nw bt is it me or this chp's kinda short? nwy update soon, plezz?
Chapter 4: I can't wait to read the next chapter, the second murder victim already.
Chapter 3: Interesting! cant wait to read more!!