Chapter 1 : Final


Author's Note: 

Hey guys! I know you've waiting for updates and Im sorry for not giving it to you. Im really sorry. But I have this story in my head that is quite short but i really like so.. here. I decided to post it first.. Got inspired by Demi Lovato's Nightangale. You can listen to it while reading ^^ To make you feel the emotion more :3.

Warning: This really short XD. That's all, Kamsahamnida.





Pants and huffs were the only sounds you can hear inside her room. 

She's having those nightmares again, the same dreams that kept haunting her even when she was still small; the same dreams that kept her awake every midnight up to the awakening rays of the sun. 

She was running through  series of doors and never ending corridors.

The darkness is unnerving, the silence is deafening and the only sounds she could hear were her heavy footsteps while running aimlessly. She doesn't know where to go and she's left all alone. Her legs were shaking, she's getting out of breath and she's about to lose hope. But then she sees the light, she reaches out for it and waking up from the monstrous nightmare that engulfs her in her sleep.

She fluttered her eyes open and caught a sight of her saviour, Sungmin, the man that keeps her sane in times like this. The person who lulls her in her sleep and hugs her comfortably until she's back to her senses and waits until her eyes shutter close with something of what you call peace.

"Those nightmares again?", Sungmin asked gently as he held her close and ran his fingers down her hair.

"Mmm..Hmm.", Sunny mumbled whilst nodding her head once and shifted closer to Sungmin's body.

"It's okay, You're okay, Im here.", Sungmin assured her as he gave her a little kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you."

"Of course, anytime Love, Now, please do go back to sleep, I promise I'll be right here, I'll never leave you..."


"Come on now Love, close your eyes. You can't sleep with your eyes open."

Sunny voiced a little giggle before stealing a little kiss to Sungmin's cheeck.


"Night Love."

And she slowly closed her eyes drifting off to sleep with the thought of Sungmin by her side, singing lullaby, to make her feel safe and finally be able to welcome the night with open arms.




Pants and huffs were heard all around the room of the sleeping Sunny. She's having those nightmares again.

She hurriedly opened her eyes and shifted uncomfortably, reaching out sideways for anything to hold, specifically, HIM.

But there was nothing in there. Just the comlete silence and darkness. 

That's right, she thought as realization hit her. He's not here, and never will be ever again. It's been two months when they fall out of love; well, him, coz never in her whole life that she'll forget to love that man. NEVER.

She lies gently on the bed again, letting her tears fall from her eyes. It's been like this for months now, her waking up every midnight and sleeping back at dawn, only now, a little different; she's all alone, the light she once knew was now gone and that the boy she did love and still loves used to be referred by her a light has now become her new NIGHTMARE.


"I wish you didn't choose to let me go, Sungmin. And I wish I didn't let you..."







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