The [Love] Letter


Do you ever wonder what So-eun's letter to Jae-rim was all about in the event she'd planned for him during their honeymoon in Turkey?





I don't normally dip in back and forth whenever I am in the middle of writing a story, but Solim couple's WGM Episode 21 has me over the moon with giddiness!

I have an impression that So-eun is quite intuitive and private.  Just from my personal observation, her making bets with Jae-rim is a way of her connecting and relating to him.  Unfortunately, she keeps winning!  LOL   So her swooping in so suddenly, and basically, leaping several steps to make Jae-rim feel better was such an epic moment!  I am so proud of her! ^_^ (and Jae-rim, too... Gah!  I'm sure you agree that his reaction to her kiss was so freakin' adorable!!!)

I have always wondered what she said in her letter to Jae-rim on Episode 16, though.  So this one-shot ff is about that.  The scene opens to Jae-rim's apartment when he had just arrived from the airport after their honeymoon in Turkey.

Please enjoy!

Hopefully, I'll be able to write Chapter 24 of "Half a Year" within the week!  Kamsa-hamnida, fellow Solim shippers! 

Sincerely, lilac109


DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything, nor do I claim to know the actors Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim or what is going on in their "relationship".  This is just a product of my delulu imagination.  ^_^  Enjoy!



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Kamsahamnida!  <3

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I love your version of Soeun's letter. I loved every single line. I do wonder what was in it, but in a way, I'm glad that they left it for their own privacy. It makes it all the more sincere.

When they came back from Turkey, Solim really became super comfortable. If the MBC Entertainment Awards weren't proof enough of their extreme closeness, the episodes that followed were. Soeun really opened up to him so I think Turkey really did these two some good.

"You once told me that you like it when I smile, which is why you do those things. Now I smile, not because you have to do anything, but because you’re you."

This part makes me squeal. I can imagine that Jaerim would grin ear form ear and turn bright red if she had actually written this.

Thank you for this. I really enjoyed it :)
kenxynth #2
Thank you very much for this.. I'm all smile reading your stories.. keep it up!! SOLIM couple.. fighting!!!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the support for this fanfic. I've been dabbling on another Solim one-shot but well... again, it's a bit delayed (I mean, what it's about...) LOL

I did a simple fan music video though, as I have Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" on repeat and I keep picturing Solim in my head. I cannot, for the life of me, do an elaborate one so I merely put pictures of them which I thought resonated with the lyrics. So I hope you enjoy it and keep the faith! (I know, I just saw on the soompi forum that there's another tidal wave happening over at WGM camp but I've got a good feeling Solim will not be affected even a little bit ^_^ ) Anyhow, here's the link if you have time to watch:

Stay tuned this weekend for Chapter 27, maybe Saturday or Sunday (crossing fingers to coincide with Episode 24) Kamsa-hamnida, chinggus!
SoshiYul9 #4
Chapter 1: Can i just cry on the "Im glad I married you" part?
I'm also really glad I met you kun omma and olla appa.
I'm also glad i have lilac-ssi who gives me great great solim fanfics.
Chapter 1: Oooooh jaerim is so cute here!! I can totally imagine his derpy face as he reads the letter. All this sweetness is rotting my teeth. And i. Don't. Mind. At. All. <3
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 1: Thanks so much lilac-ssi, your story is very sweet. This story like a light on the darkness (Today is bad day because article about SE). I hope you will write next chapter of A Half Year too hehe. Kamsa-hamnida :)
Myshineeonew #7
Chapter 1: so sweet.... I love it