Little MISMATCH Maker


Kim So-Eun is an expert in delivering matches made in heaven.

Come hell and highwater, her next case is her most difficult one yet.


Annyeong chinggus!  I'm back!

I was actually about to sleep a couple of hours ago when this idea for a rom-com entered my mind.  I suppose it was also inspired by what's happening in my own love life (or lack thereof - haha).  However, I feel excited to be writing about SoLim again.

Anyway I hope you enjoy tuning in for "Little MISMATCH Maker" and I also look forward to how the story will unfold.  ^_^

Oh yeah, I just realized something, and I promise you, it's not intentional. 

I finished writing "Half A Year" on So-eun's birthday last year.  I am starting "Little MISMATCH Maker" on Jae-rim's birthday today!  OMO!

Enjoy and I wish you good health and a happy weekend and more love for SoLim and "Our GabSoon"



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Chapter 3: PLEASE update...
lilinkecil #2
please update this story authornim...^.^..i really miss solim couple...^.^..
AmyDick #3
Chapter 3: Author nim, you should upfdate this fic ! I like it..
Chapter 3: It's reallyyy sweet authir-nim.
Chapter 3: Another Solim fanfic! Thay's an interesting one, I'm looking forward to your next update and chapter! Just found your story while looking for some good ones. Yours has a nice plot, please update soon authornim! ^_^
Chapter 3: Waiting for new chapter.Please uppdate soon.
purplelace38 #7
Chapter 3: Wow,I'm getting excited for the next chapter. Thank you Ms.Lilac for the update.
jagi_yah #8
Chapter 3: Finally!!! Something to look foward to from you and Solim...I was (still am) a big fan of yours after Half A Year. I can't wait for the next chapters
Supermich_zero #9
Chapter 3: Yes!!! An update! This story is seriously addictive! I can't wait for mooorrrree~ and ohhh i just mentioned last time that the Mr. Hot neighbor would would sweep her off her feet... and look! He really did (quite literally) hahaha i am really enjoying the progress =D couldn't help but laugh at Sso's cute drunk antics. And calling the hot JaeRim "ahjussi"??? Hilarious! Thank you Lilac109 for this new update!!! Kisses to you~
Chapter 3: Annyeong, chinggus! Sorry for a two-week absence, I have been busy with life and work. Anyway, red is a running theme for chapter 3 of Little Mismatch Maker, so the idiom should be taken with a grain of salt. lol. Hope you are all doing well and enjoy this progression in the story. Supermich_zero had a good inkling going on already. hahah! Gomawo, chinggu, for the support and thanks also to lilinkcil and purplelace38 for your kind words. See you in the next chapter!