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A recap of Solim couple's WGM Episodes 25 to 27, from Jae-rim's point of view.


Hi everyone,

I reserved the weekend to write Chapter 32 of "Half a Year" and while contemplating it, I got sidetracked (very willingly) by Episode 27, both raw and subbed...

And the result, a 19-page recap/first person point of view (Jae-rim) about Solim couple's Jeju Island date.

I hope you enjoy it.  I just wrote it nonstop all day.  hahaha!  (Omg, I need to see a doctor about this addiction!  hahaha)

I would love to give a heartwarming shout out to the wonderful chinggus in the official LTE Couple Soompi Forum Thread for your support and love.  Also I am extremely grateful to the hardworking admins of the We Got Married English Subtitles Site for the fast and awesome English subbed episodes that they post within one day.  You people literally save my sanity.  (LOL)  Please visit them at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Got-Married-English-Subtitles/


DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything, nor do I claim to know the actors Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim or what is going on in their "relationship".  This is just a product of my delulu imagination.  ^_^  Enjoy!


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And Youtube FMVs:

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Kamsa-hamnida! <3

Sincerely, lilac109


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Chapter 1: Thank you for eloquently summarizing the Jeju Trip with so much detail. I really felt like this was their Healing Trip. Both of them got to let out all their stress and frustration and get a vacation from everything. 50 years, Solim can do it ;)
Chapter 1: this is jang :))
Chapter 1: This story is just.. i don't know how to say it other than.. the most romantic point of view that i've ever seen!! Jaerim indeed a shy and bashful guys, he look tough outside but actually he is sensitive inside, and this story, just fit his characters so much ^^ Thank you lilac authjor-nim for the beautiful stories, I can feel you write this one with the whole of your feelings, it's so sweet and warmed your heart by read it :) #bighug
[deactivated] #4
The combination of reality and imagination, your story is very sweet :)
Yaya808 #5
Chapter 1: Ahh so sweet. Thank you for that amazing story. Hoping your talented brain can conceive many more <3
Santitory1617 #6
Nothing else .... Just thank you ...God always bless u and ur work.