Home Is Where You Are



“Home is not a place.  It’s a feeling.”


Recap of SoLim’s move from Yumsakdong to Gimpo, from So-eun’s point of view this time.


I know I should have been writing Chapter 34, but I really love the evolving dynamics between Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim.  I guess I have to agree with Jae-rim for initially thinking they were being sent to exile, because it was rather strange that they were now settling down within proximity of North Korea as a married couple but well… everything has a reason.

It is my hope that SoLim could only grow closer due to this new development.  From the previews, I don’t think we’re going to be disappointed.

I'm not sure how long this ff is going to be, but I will try and write this from So-eun’s point of view on the episodes covering this transition from city to country.  Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much for the support on the stories I write.  It is a joy and privilege to share them with you and hopefully I’m able to make you smile.  ^_^

Kamsa-hamnida, chinggus!

Sincerely, lilac109  <3



DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything, nor do I claim to know the actors Kim So-eun and Song Jae-rim or what is going on in their "relationship".  This is just a product of my delulu imagination.  ^_^  Enjoy!


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Kamsa-hamnida! <3

Sincerely, lilac109


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YEighty #1
Chapter 4: Upvote thing problem ? resolved !
YEighty #2
Why cannot I upvote you !!??!!
Chapter 4: I really like that you are writing in Soeun's POV. Honestly, we could only imagine what they are really thinking when they film so its really nice that we also get to imagine their thoughts while filming and off cam too.

Thank you for the update authornim! :)
Chapter 4: Annyeong, chinggus! Sorry I'm about two episodes late for this recap ff as I'm dabbling back and forth with "Half a Year" and "Home Is Where You Are." I'd like to take this opportunity, though, for your heartwarming support to all the stories I've posted in AFF thus far. I hope I won't disappoint! SoLim couple hwaiting!

Sincerely, lilac109
Chapter 3: "He was sneaky, but half the time, I think he wasn’t even aware of it." - This! I think this is very true. Like seriously, he says he just acts according to his guts/instincts/feelings depending on the situation but he's probably not aware most of the time the effect of his actions towards Soeun. Especially with the simple gestures he did to her. And that makes them believable as a married couple even if its just a show. :)

I like the part where they ate the sugar coated apple too! I was squealing hard on that part, like, what if their lips accidentally touched? Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Like SoshiYul9, I also somewhat missed their old home. But maybe, they'll have more sweet memories in their new home now? :)

Thank you so much for the update authornim!
SoshiYul9 #6
Chapter 2: I've suddenly missed their old home after reading this chap~~
SoshiYul9 #7
Chapter 2: I've suddenly missed their old home after reading this chap~~
Chapter 2: Awww. This chapter makes me miss their old house too. It was already homey for them but then WGM had them exiled. Sigh. They just have to make new memories then. :) Thanks for the update authornim!
esimoto #9
Chapter 1: Thanks authornim for this new fanfic. It's so cute and you leave us with the best cliffhanger as always. Waiting anxiously for the next chapter. ^_^
[deactivated] #10
new fanfic, really love it!
kamsahamnida :)