Mr. Annoying and Mrs. Perfect


Kim Jae Hyeon is just an ordinary girl...

Yang Yo Seob is an international pop star ...

So how will their paths cross???

Jae Hyeon was perfectly normal until one day she was sent to live with her mother's bestfriend. She never knew the woman had a son ..... our an extremely annoying son..... most importantly she didn't know that he was the one and only Yang Yoseob.


Hi guys this is my first time writing a fanfic so I'm pretty sure it's gonna be pretty crappy so yeah please bare with me cuz it is going to be really boring for the first few chapters , but trust me it will get better





Yang Yoseob




-20 years old


-Childish and annoying only to Jaehyeon

-Angelic voice

-Extremely cute and adorbs



Kim Jaehyeon





-19 years old

-Loves music

-Wants everything to be perfect

-Charmingly cute

-Hates YoSeob a lot


Min Yumi




- Jaehyeon's best friend 

-19 years old

-Has a dance class for little kids

-Extremely smart


Lee Gi Kwang 






-20 years old

-Loves dancing

-Bestfriend of Yoseob

-Likes hugging people




The rest of BEAST




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