A million Galleons can't compare (to what we have)


Title: A million Galleons can't compare (to what we have)

Pairing: Channie/Baekhyun... okay it's Chanyeol/Baekhyun + possibly some Sehun/Luhan, Suho/Chen & Sehun/Kai (implied)

Genre: Fluff, Crack(?), Hogwarts AU

Length: Oneshot, 15,300 words

Warnings: I don't even know how this happened... actually I do. But I still don't know why this happened. Does not contain 100% homo sapiens (hint: elves )

Disclaimer: I made many things up. (Drinking Fanged Geranium sap + milk won't make you beautiful, it might cause diarrhea.)


Helloooo yo yo yo! This fic is special because it is for my Potato's birthday!





He can't be that handsome Gryffindor Chaser, nor can he be a rich President of some lame "elves appreciation" society.
He's definitely not a stupid cocky Slytherin, and neither is he a clever (and pretty) Ravenclaw.

Maybe you're guessing that he could be a cute little Hufflepuff instead?

No, that still isn't him. That cute little Hufflepuff is his most favourite person on earth...



And you are still far from guessing what he is.

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