Pregnant at 18


On your 18th birthday, all you wanted was just a sleepover/ girl's night out with your Best friend. Where you both can do each others' nails, talk about boys. Just whatever normal girls would do at a sleepover. But no, Your best friend wanted to surprise you, she did. How? She held a party at her parents' hotel ballroom. The ballroom transformed into a bar, Just for you. You friend invited friends who invited their friends along as well. Who are total strangers to you. But what happens when you end up sleeping with one out of those strangers? 


Characters : 

You :

Lee ~~~~~~(insert name) , wealthy Canadian-Korean girl, Who lives by yourself in a hotel suite, your best friend's parents' own. Your parents are currently in Canada because of their business. You would go to Canada and visit your Mom and Dad on holidays or when you have school breaks. Your best friend is just like a sister to you. You have known her for 12 years. Study at Woolim Academy. 
- Kind-hearted to everyone. 
- Cute.
- Pretty. 
- Sweet. 

- One of the top singers in the school.

Kim Myungsoo : Also known as L 

19. A wealthy boy who hates his mother. Because of his mother he lives with his 6 best friends all in one apartment. He feels that his 6 friends treats him more as a family. Going to be transferring to Woolim Academy, Where his friends go to. Had many girlfriends but the relationship ends quickly because they were too obsessive over his looks.
- ed, only with you. 
- Handsome. 
- Cute
- Looks like a bad boy.
- Sweet when you get to know him. 
- Always gets what he wants. 
- Loves to sing and play his acoustic guitar. 

Your Best Friend, Yoon Baek Hee :

19. Girl, Who lives next to your suite. She treats you like a real sister she never had before. Loves her boyfriend so very much.
- Pretty.
- Female dance machine in the school. 
- Without anyone knowing her she knows almost everyone on campus. 

Infinite(along with Myungsoo)

Kim Sunggyu : 

- Oldest / Leader-like. 
- His dad owns Woolim Academy. 
- In charge of the Vocal Department, Teaches Vocals. 

Jang Dongwoo :

- Rapper. 
- Is in charge of the Rapper z Club. 
- Loves to laugh and smile.
Nam Woohyun :

- Loves to sing. 
- Helps Sunggyu out with the Vocal classes sometimes.
Lee Howon :

- Loves his girlfriend , Yoon Baek Hee. 
- One of the best dancers in the school along with Dongwoo. 
- Holds talent shows , events , etc. 
- Loves to sing and rap as well. 
Lee Sungyeol :

- Known as the Choding of Woolim. 
- Tall. 
- Closest to Myungsoo. 
Kim Sungjung : 

- Maknae(youngest)
- Loves to dance to girl group music. 
- Also one of Myungsoo's closest. 

Woolim Academy :
Owner, Kim Soohyuk.( Sunggyu's father) A school in where you get to study the important subjects and also get to study music as well. 

Seoul Suites :
Owned by Yoon Baek Hee's parents. Known as your home. One of the biggest hotels in Seoul. Lots of people from other countries always go to this hotel. 


Second fanfiction~ (: 
For those who have read my first fanfic, I hope you would like this one just as much as the first one! 
And for those who haven't feel free to read this, if you like!

After finishing my first one I may not be updating much because of school and all. so please forgive my late updates and please bare with me here~ I promise i wont leave my story hanging and forget about it. 
I thought I'd start typing out what my story is going to be like because this idea just came in my mind. I was going to do a voting to whom I'm going to put in this story. But maybe for the next fanfic (: 

I'd really appreciate it if you don't plagiarize or copy. please and thank you ^^ 

I hope you enjoy my story ~ (: 

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Chapter 48: Thank you so much for the awesome fanfic!!
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I mean fanfic
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one of the best story
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Chapter 48: I hope there are lots of man like Myungsoo in this fiction still exist. Its hard though to find those kind of man who really wants to take care of baby especially when you had them through illegal ways. You guys know what I mean. Btw authornim you did a great job for creating such a beautiful chapters. I love how you made the story ended beautifully and happily. keep it up. I'm looking forward to your new coming stories
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