What would you do if someone who you really love was gone?


Hey guys. I'm back with this angst one shot. I try to make you cry. Hahaha XD. I don't know whether this angst is good or not. Just enjoy, okay? And please drop your comment :D. Ahh, one more thing, I post this story using my phone. So, the outcome become like that. I'm sorry. I'm going to edit this later :)


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sue_erin #1
so heartbreaking....sob..sob..
really nice story^^
miss u+ricdy
NikeIsCraZy #2
Chapter 1: Omfg I cried from beginning to end.
It was si well written and it just touched me really deep!
I've never lost anyone so I liked how it began. And tgen when the end begun to come I started to cry even more and It felt so real, in some weird kinf of way >_<
Really good obe shot love it!!! (Even tho it's so sad and I cried so much (still crying a bit...))