DaeJin One Shots


These one shots will focus on Daerim (wonkyu's daughter) and Haejin (kangteuk's son) as a couple. I have written about them as children in other fics for a while and now I want to explore their relationship as teens and young adults. 

There will obviously be WonKyu and KangTeuk and other pairings mentioned frequently, but this is MAINLY a collection of one shots about two ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. If that isn't your cup of tea, than you can check out my other stories which do focus on the members more. 



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Kelnj98 #1
Chapter 7: Update
Chapter 7: i have to say daerim deserve this. i mean she just 14!! she can't go out on 2 am just like that *shakes head*
Chapter 7: This chapter was great!!! <3 I love the punishment system Kyuhyun and Siwon came up with. XD
Chapter 7: wow 500 points of house chores punishment :-D daerim girl just don't grow up at all ok just follow your parents well ;) you can marry haejin later maybe at the age of 30 ;) by that time wonkyu 70's something already ;):-Dkkk
Chapter 7: I love WonKyu's punishment system. Hahahahaha :'D
yeppeun_rusmi #6
Chapter 7: well i really really agree with your appa's daerim-ah about that punishment...
heartbabykyu #7
Chapter 7: I never expected that kind of punishment Daerim will be getting :-) It is logical, mild, to the point, totally Wonkyu's style kind of punishment.

I wonder what Kangin is going to do with Haejin tho kekekeke.....

Poor Haejin, his path to true love ain't easy at all...
Saravy #8
Chapter 6: Hyunjin is too freaking cute. Seriously..too cute. You may have to start his own little series too. LOL!!

So, she snuck out..bad little girl, but Haejin was so sweet and kind. I'm glad they were able to kinda set things straight..but now they're going to be in so much trouble. Oh boy. I feel bad for them. They just can't catch a break.^^