Yes, Mistress

It’s 7:22 AM, and it’s just another day the Tiffany gets late in for work. Her boss warned her that if she got late once more, she would be fired. “Crap! I’m late!” Tiffany muttered in horror after she checked her watch, she grabbed her hot pink purse and ran to the magazine company’s entrance, dashing through the hallways.


“No Leeteuk, leave that for the next issue”


A voice said, it’s the company’s CEO. Tiffany’s eyes widened, her job is on the line here. She ran while she had the chance to, she kept cursing herself for wearing heels on this ungodly day. One moment she’s running with hopes that she will make it to her photo-shoot, the next moment…she clumsily trips on her own foot and falls right in front of her CEO; Jessica Jung.


“Oww” she whined as he rubs her hurt knee, “it hurts so-…My new louboutin heels!” she was cut off in the middle of her whining when she saw her broken heel. “Ahem” Jessica cleared , non-verbally saying that she should get off the way. Tiffany looked up at the beautiful Blondie, awed by her looks. She only knew her voice because the only contact between them was a call about her job.


Oh my…


“I’m s-sorry!” Tiffany apologized, she tried to get up but eventually fell again because of the broken heel. Jessica giggled at the clumsy girl before kneeling down and stared at the red-haired girl’s face “Are you alright?” she asked in the softest voice. Tiffany blushed slightly having Jessica’s face close to hers “I’m okay” she muttered. Jessica offered her hand and helped Tiffany stand up. “Leeteuk, get her some shoes” she ordered her assistant and he left.


“I’ll forgive you this time for being late, but if you ever came late again you’re fired” Jessica said in a warning tone. Tiffany smiled, delighted that she won’t have to live on bread for the rest of her life, “Thank you Miss. Jung!” she quickly bowed and wore the shoes that Leeteuk brought before leaving.


Jessica leaned to Leeteuk, her eyes not moving off Tiffany as she ran away to her job, “what’s her name again?” she asked. “It’s Tiffany Hwang, Ma’am” Leeteuk muttered. “tell me more about her when we go to my office” Jessica commanded




“time to go home” Tiffany said with a wide smile plastered on her face, after hours of standing and holding poses, it’s nice to go home and take a nap or watch T.V. she changed to her casual clothes before walking down the hallway. “Tiffany!” Leeteuk called her, chasing her. “Yes?” she turned around and looked at the panting man. “Jessica wants you to come to her house, today, at 5 PM” he said and handed her a small card with Jessica’s address written on it. Tiffany examined the card and estimated the time she would take to get there.


“why does she want to see me? Am I getting fired?”


she asked. Leeteuk shook his head “no, she just wants to have tea with you” he grinned. “Tea?” she giggled at the thought of having tae with my CEO, and probably getting fired because she spilled tea. “yes, tea. Wasn’t I clear?” Leeteuk tilted his head to the side. “no, it’s just that I’m surprised she said and looked at the card again.


“so will you be there?” Leeteuk asked. Tiffany smiled and nodded “I will, 5PM”. “let me give you an advice; do what she want and she’ll be happy with you” he said and left mysteriously. Tiffany looked strange at him “okay…”

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Chapter 5: Please continue.. I want to know if they fall in love with each other.
coko32 #2
Update plsss
Chapter 5: Poor Sica that was so tragic past :((
yana_5 #4
Chapter 5: thank you for update author.....
Chapter 5: A TRAUMATIZED Jessi....but still having a UNIQUE way to LOVE...(though she might not love Tiff yet). Having to witness her parents' CRUEL death should make her a very scaredy kid, but here she is being a boss and treating Tiff like THAT...ya know what i mean? O_O

Urghh don't mind me, this story's becoming more INTERESTING now!
Chapter 5: My feels are just everywhere ;A; aigoo dongie we need to chat asap~
Chapter 5: Oh jessi that is the razon why you are this way
Chapter 5: Awwww, Jess just fall in love with Tiff already! <3 <3
babystrawb3 #9
Chapter 5: Oh wow.
Such an interesting story.
I can't wait for updates.
Chapter 5: thanks for updating ^^