Pet Contract

Yes, Mistress

As the cab was taking Tiffany to her destination, she couldn’t stop thinking why would invite her for tea. She shook her head and decided to not overthink these stuff, maybe she just wanted to be nice? Who knows.


“Miss, we’re here”


the cab driver said. “Thank you” she said before paying him the money and leaving the cab. “oh my god” Tiffany jaw dropped once she saw Jessica’s house, it’s not just a house, it’s a damn big mansion. “Is this the right address?” she muttered to herself and raised an eyebrow, but then, Jessica’s the CEO of an admired magazine company so it’s obvious that makes lots of cash.


Tiffany stepped forward and ran the bell. “Jessica Jung’s residence, who is it?” a male voice said from the small speaker on the wall. Tiffany leaned closer to the speaker and spoke “it’s Tiffany Hwang”. “oh, Miss. Hwang. Come in” he said and the gate opened automatically. Tiffany walked in the path in the middle of a huge garden, leading her to the door. “impressive” Tiffany said, looking around.


She pushed the door open and widened her eyes in awe of the elegant-looking interior design of the mansion. “Miss. Jung ~” she called, still standing by the door. “Come here” Jessica’s voice responded, and Tiffany followed the voice to a dark room, only the fireplace brightened the place. While Tiffany was wearing her casual pink clothes, Jessica was only wearing a black satin robe over her underwear.


“I’m sorry I haven’t changed, I just didn’t expect you to come exactly on time” Jessica chuckled and shook her head, “but since you’re here, I can’t go and change so I might just stay like this” she added. “It’s alright Miss. Jung” Tiffany chuckled and shook her hand in the air. “well, sit down” Jessica smiled sweetly and pointing at the seat facing her. Tiffany nodded and sat down, “so did you want to talk about something?” she asked, taking her cup of tea and sipped a little.


“I heard your dad is in jail, and he’s going to spend 22 years there” Jessica said, and stared at the red-haired girl. Tiffany stared back, anger in her eyes “my dad is not something to discuss”. “I can bail him out, but I want something from you in return” Jessica said and put down her cup of tea. Tiffany snorted, “I didn’t expect you to do it out of kindness anyways” she muttered in a hardly audible voice.


“So what is it that you want?” Tiffany asked and sighed. “I want you as my pet” Jessica said, with no hesitation. “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be your B*tch” Tiffany hissed and put her cup down with a loud thud before getting up and walking away. Jessica stood up and called her name “I already have the money, you know you can’t save up the money for your dad. All I’m asking is for is one month” she said, a sly smile on her face, she knew Tiffany would do anything for her dad.


Tiffany closed her eyes tightly and balled her hand; she can’t believe what about to say this. She turned around and faced her “I will do it, but there should be rules” she said with a stern face. “all the rules are here” Jessica took a bunch of papers and handed them to the girl. Tiffany sat down and started to read down the rules:




-     Pet will call the mistress as “Mistress” only in private places, and will address her as “Miss” in public places, pet will not call her anything but that.


-     Pet will do anything that the mistress wishes for.


-     Pet will have her own room and wardrobe, clothes will be chosen by the mistress, and pet must be willing to wear anything.


-     Pet will not leave the house unless given permission by the mistress.


-     Pet will get rewards for being good, and punishments for being bad.


Tiffany stopped reading as she read the word ‘punishment’, “punishments?! What kind of punishments?!” she practically yelled at her face. “Punishments depend on what you do, and I won’t punish you too hard like not giving food for a week or anything that you can’t bare” Jessica said gently. “W-What will you make me wear?” she stuttered and blushed at the thought that Jessica might force her to wear some y lingerie


“Anything I want, doesn’t mean I’ll make you wear something revealing all the time” Jessica said, making Tiffany relax a bit even though she’s very nervous and scared of having a mistress that might hurt her. “keep reading” Jessica commanded


-     Pet will let the mistress touch her as much as she likes without protesting.


“What?!” Tiffany yelled, “it’s just one month, Tiffany. You’ll bare it” Jessica responded. Tiffany sighed; she really wants to help her dad. She prayed silently before continuing to read


-     Pet is not allowed to touch the mistress unless the mistress allows it.


-     Mistress will call the pet in any name and the pet must responds to whatever name given.


Tiffany gulped hard as she finished reading the rules, “What about the rules for you?” Tiffany asked and furrowed her eyebrows. “flip the page” she told her before sipping her tea casually.




-     Mistress cannot force the pet into doing something that the pet doesn’t want to do (Pet must have a good reason).


-     Mistress cannot hurt the pet for no reason, and she also cannot punish the pet in unbearable ways.


-     Mistress will treat the pet well, in all times unless the pet is being punished.


-     Mistress will take the pet to the hospital if needed.


-     Mistress will not let anyone touch the pet ually or in a way that the pet doesn’t like.


-     Mistress will protect the pet from any harm.


-     Mistress will not leave any permanent marks on the pet’s body


“I think this is fair” Tiffany said and placed down the paper, “should I sign somewhere?” she asked. “The last page” Jessica said and placed down the cup of tea after she was done. Tiffany took the paper and a pen nearby before turning to the last page, she was shocked when she saw her name already written on the a paper, as if Jessica was very confident that she would agree to this.


“Too confident, aren’t you?” Tiffany hissed and signed down her name. Jessica chuckled and took the paper and pen from Tiffany and signed her name on the contract. “the deal is done, now let me show you your room” Jessica took the papers with her and walked out the room, guiding Tiffany to the mansion that was more of a maze. “this is your room” Jessica pointed at a door before leaving, “I’ll come back with a copy of the contract” she added before she disappeared.


Tiffany twisted the golden knob of her room and pushed the door, slowly walking in the small yet comfortable room; it had a king size bed, a handcrafted dresser, a shelf with book organized alphabetically, and a wide full-size mirror. The room was full of expensive-looking furniture, and it made Tiffany smiled that she wasn’t going to sleep in a box.


She lied down in her bed and stared at the ceiling, her stomach is twisting at the thought of Jessica punishing her, she has no idea what she will do and that’s the scary thing. She sighed and closed her eyes


I’m sorry dad…I’m doing this for you


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