Yes, Mistress

Tiffany came home late since she was the last to leave the company, now she’s on the couch, crying her heart out. She never felt so disgusted of herself, she allowed someone she hardly knew to abuse her. Jessica called 6 times but Tiffany ignored her calls, she doesn’t want to go back to that monster.


She held the blanket tighter and wiped her tears, but they wouldn’t stop, not only because of her feelings but also of her hurting body. Her house’s door opened wide, Jessica standing with her arms crossed and an angry look on her face. Tiffany gasped but kept quiet.


Sh*t! I forgot to close the door


Jessica expression became worried once she saw Tiffany’s red eyes and the tears running down her cheeks, she quickly walked to her side and looked at her face “Are you okay?” she asked. Tiffany gritted her teeth and balled her fists, “You dare ask?!!” she yelled before giving her a hard slap. Jessica placed a hand on her cheek, her head turned left.


“You abused me and put weird things inside me!! And on top of all that you pushed me way far than I can bear!” she yelled, and wiped her tears with her sleeve. Jessica gritted her teeth, turning her head to her “You signed a contract, and this is what you get..”. “There were rules..” Tiffany hissed at her, “You broke the first two ruled” she added.


“So it’s my fault?”


“Obviously you !”


Jessica held herself from slapping Tiffany; she already caused enough pain to the girl. “So how should I make it up to you?” Jessica said after taking a minute to calm herself. Tiffany stared down at her blanket for a while, “first you should take me out somewhere so I can know you better, second you should be very gentle with me in , third you should took good care of me” she said after making up her mind, she looked at Jessica and waited for an answer


Jessica nodded “Alright, when should I take you out?”


“At 3PM”


“I’ll be there then” Jessica said before wiping Tiffany’s dry tears gently with her thumbs. And for some reason, Tiffany’s lips turned upward into a smile, there’s some secret to Jessica’s touches that make her happy. Jessica slowly rose from the couch “I should be going then” she said before patting Tiffany’s head and walking out.




“Yeah I know”




Tiffany expected Jessica to take her to a restaurant or maybe a park, but she took her to her house’s garden, it was beautiful, colorful flowers everywhere and a wide grassy area to run in. “Didn’t expect you to take me here” Tiffany chuckled as she and Jessica walked to the center of the park. “Well it’s a special place, I never let one anyone here” Jessica smiled lightly and nodded, her two hands in her pocket as she was proudly looking at her garden


Tiffany smiled, she felt special when Jessica said that, and maybe Jessica isn’t the heartless monster she imagined after all. They sat down after taking off their shoes, facing each other. “Can I call you Jessica?” Tiffany asked, slightly hesitating. “well, since I’m taking you out there shouldn’t be any rules” Jessica shrugged and smiled back at Tiffany. “Jessica Jessica Jessica” Tiffany repeated, as if she’s trying the name on her tongue. Jessica chuckled


God, this girl is so cute


“So what do you like, Tiffany?” Jessica asked, hugging her legs as she looked at the girl with excitement, this was a rare side of Jessica, the side where she becomes so cute and cheerful. “I like pink, everything pink” Tiffany said and nodded. Jessica looked back and picked out a nearby pink flower, placing it in Tiffany’s red hair “Here’s something pink” she giggled


Tiffany heart beat madly when she saw this rare side of her, it’s so cute and loveable, and slowly, she thought she was falling for her. She shook her head slightly


I can’t fall for her, she already warned me to not



(sorry for the very short chapter)

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Chapter 5: Please continue.. I want to know if they fall in love with each other.
coko32 #2
Update plsss
Chapter 5: Poor Sica that was so tragic past :((
yana_5 #4
Chapter 5: thank you for update author.....
Chapter 5: A TRAUMATIZED Jessi....but still having a UNIQUE way to LOVE...(though she might not love Tiff yet). Having to witness her parents' CRUEL death should make her a very scaredy kid, but here she is being a boss and treating Tiff like THAT...ya know what i mean? O_O

Urghh don't mind me, this story's becoming more INTERESTING now!
Chapter 5: My feels are just everywhere ;A; aigoo dongie we need to chat asap~
Chapter 5: Oh jessi that is the razon why you are this way
Chapter 5: Awwww, Jess just fall in love with Tiff already! <3 <3
babystrawb3 #9
Chapter 5: Oh wow.
Such an interesting story.
I can't wait for updates.
Chapter 5: thanks for updating ^^