Painful past

Yes, Mistress

Hours passed and Jessica and Tiffany were still talking, smiles plastered on their faces as they knew more things about each other. Tiffany couldn’t stop laughing when she found out that Jessica despises cucumber. To Tiffany, she felt such great happiness seeing the cute smile on Jessica’s face and her adorable giggling.


“We should be going now, it’s getting late” Jessica said, staring at the dazzling moon, the night was cold but it looked beautiful with the stars scattered in the sky. Tiffany didn’t want to leave, she was happy lying next to Jessica and staring at the stars. She her side, half of her body hovering over Jessica’s, “but I like being here” Tiffany said, slightly pouting. “In the garden?” Jessica asked, pulling herself up on her elbows, only a small distance between their faces.


“With you…” Tiffany muttered, her eyes locked on Jessica’s small lips. And at that moment, something ignited inside them, a magnetic force pulling them together. Jessica slowly moved her lips to meet Tiffany’s plump ones; she cupped her face gently before pressing her lips on her’s.  Jessica broke the kiss, giggling and blushing “I’m sorry, I can’t help it”. Tiffany giggled and blushed as well, she was happy with the kiss; it’s her first kiss with Jessica.


“Can I retry?”


Jessica asked, and Tiffany can’t say no to her cute kisses. Jessica placed a hand on her blushing cheek and moved closer, sharing a long sweet kiss with Tiffany. Tiffany giggled after they broke the kiss “you’re so cute” she said, “shut up” Jessica mumbled and lied down, a wide smile on her face. “I never saw this side of you” Tiffany said, looking at her in awe. “I don’t really show this side to anyone unless I trust them” she said, her eyes fixed on the starry sky


She trusts me? Oh wow




After 10 minutes of Jessica cutely convincing Tiffany to stay the night at her house, Tiffany agreed and came in to her bedroom where they sat on the bed and got ready to sleep. “um, Jessica, I don’t have any pajamas” Tiffany said, scratching the back of her neck sheepishly. “Wear this” Jessica threw a gray over-sized shirt with some band’s name on it. Tiffany caught the shirt and looked down at it “what about pants?”. “You don’t need those” Jessica chuckled and winked, she turned around and took off her shirt and pants, only left in her black lacy underwear which was a great view to Tiffany, who’s gawking at Jessica’s body


Unf, her looks so cute


Tiffany thought and fanned herself while Jessica wasn’t looking. Jessica grabbed her satin robe and wore it, covering her assets from Tiffany’s erted eyes. She turned around and looked at Tiffany “why haven’t you changed yet?” she asked. Tiffany turned red as a tomato “I-I-I...umm was-”. Jessica smirked and walked toward her “busy staring at my ?” she asked, and Tiffany simply nodded, Avoiding eye contact.


Jessica chuckled and shook her head, “Wear your clothes, I’m getting sleepy” Jessica said and pouted slightly. “Alright alright” Tiffany said, her blushing easing as Jessica’s gaze was no longer on her, she took off her clothes and wore the over-sized shirt before she climbed the bed and slipped herself in the blanket with Jessica, she turned off the lamp turning the room completely dark.


“AAAAHHH!! Turn it on!”


Jessica let out an ear-bursting scream and clung to Tiffany, Tiffany panicked and turned it on again “Omo, what’s wrong?” she looked down and widened her eyes at the sight of Jessica’s teary eyes. Jessica pursed her lips and looked away “I’m just really scared of the dark”




“It happened when I was only 7 years old”


** Flashback **


Jessica sat on her parent’s bed, playing with her teddy bear as they talked and laughed. Jessica was so small back then, her parents would always spoil her even though they lost lots of money, when daddy was broke Jessica would cry because she wanted toys, and money just magically appeared. But it wasn’t magic.


The house’s door opened, making a loud bang against the wall “where are you John?!” a man voice yelled. Her parents face went pale, as if they saw hell itself, Jessica’s mother quickly grabbed Jessica and hid her in the closet “Jessica, please stay quiet and don’t make any sound” she whispered, fear in her voice.




“Please Jessica…I love you, please be a good girl and stay quiet” she said and closed the closet, tears filling her eyes. The man came in the room with his gang, all carrying different weapons; they were all dressed in black and seemed very scary. “Where is the money?” he asked, slowly walking to him with the axe in his hand. Jessica looked at the scene from a small hole, worry filling her little heart, she’s so clueless but so scared. “Just one more month!” John begged, falling on his knees.


“We gave you too much time john, any last words?”


“Wait NO NO NO!-“


He wanted to speak but his head was cut off, rolling on the ground as his body fell down. Jessica’s mother screamed, “Please Don’t!!” she begged as they walked toward her. Jessica gasped but quickly covered , tears rolled down her cheeks heavily, she’s trying not to sob.


No.. Mommy and daddy!!


Jessica closed her eyes as she heard the gunshots, she doesn’t want to see anymore, it’s too much. “Tsk, bunch of liars” the man said and walked out of the room. Jessica couldn’t leave the closet, she’s too scared, she stayed there for a whole day, just staring at the wood of the closet, her shock is strong,. She can’t believe her parents died before her eyes.


After the police came, they took her to her aunt who hated her and made her work like a slave for 10 years until she finally got a job and lived on her own, now she’s on top of her career, the CEO of Korea’s most know magazine. She did love once, but she was only used and left, now Jessica is s too scared to fall in love again, she doesn’t want to go through the same pain.




“Oh my..” Tiffany said, in complete shock. Jessica sobbed loudly as she buried her face in Tiffany’s neck “I miss them. I stayed in complete darkness for days. I hate myself for being such a whiny kid, they had to loan money just for me to be happy, I hate myself!”. Tiffany pursed her lips, trying to hold back her tears, “calm down, Sica. Everything is going to be alright, okay?” Tiffany whispered in her sweetest voice that brought Jessica’s tears to stop and to calm down. Jessica sniffled before she held Tiffany’s body “C-Can you hold me please?”.


Tiffany nodded and held her body tightly, caressing her hair as she kissed her cheeks and wiped her tears away “Feeling better?”. Jessica nodded and closed her eyes, wanting to forget.


“Thank you for being with me..”


“No need to thank me, I want to be with you”


“Are you serious? What do you like in me anyways?”


“I’ll tell you later, now sleep sweetie”

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Update plsss
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Chapter 5: A TRAUMATIZED Jessi....but still having a UNIQUE way to LOVE...(though she might not love Tiff yet). Having to witness her parents' CRUEL death should make her a very scaredy kid, but here she is being a boss and treating Tiff like THAT...ya know what i mean? O_O

Urghh don't mind me, this story's becoming more INTERESTING now!
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