chapter 4

when did i say im in love

well that was akward  then i recived a phone call from sungjong  and he asked me to go to the movies with him " i'll be on my way" i said when i got there he was sitting there already. "hello" he said "what movie are we seeing " " a scary one" he said in the movies i saw the dude from the bench . i just left it at that as he sat behind us . As we walked out of the movie theater that was the best scary movie i ever saw . "i love scary movies, also i have something to tell you " "huh" "well ... " then someone bumped into him hard  " can you not stand in the middle of the walk way people have to walk here "  " sorry i didn't know " then he lifed his head up i think i fell in love at first site  and he looked at me  " freind zoned" then sungjong got impatient for a second " can you leave now ?" he said  "just watch where you're standing next time " he then walked away . Sungjong was quiet for a while " well that was weird" " well i think thats enough thrill for today "he said " bye" he walked away. " werid" i just calmly walked away. 

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