chapter 3

when did i say im in love

iIt's been 1 week sense i met and became friends with sungjong he's a really nice person. i left orchestra i thought it would be nice to just sit and look at the sky so i went to a place that would be perfect for it i sat down " doesn't this seem familiar" then not noticing it was the pretty guy from before and he was looking at me like i was crazy "sorry" i said and i was just about to leave and he said " i don't care if you sit here " " no it's okay" i said " what ever" and i just left it at that the next day i found another place to sit i sat down it was way nicer than the other one then i look over and it's that dude again i didn't care this time i just acted like he wasn't there and then he said " are you a stalker ?" i just sat there for a moment schocked i just shook it off and said " no im not " " why do we always run into each other then ? well then if we run into each other so much shouldn't we atleast be acquaintances" why not" i said " my name is alissa " my name is ren " after that it was just quiet then i got a text message from sungjong " is that your boyfreind " i quickly responded "no"  oh after that it was just akward so i left 


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