chapter 1

when did i say im in love

i walked down the street from orchestra "today was tiring , i think i'll just rest today" i went to the most quiet plae i could think of it was a bench near a feild i sat down not noticing i sat down next to someone hew was very pretty if i wasn't so close i would've mistaken him as a girl after a a moment or so he noticed i was right there and then i retreated . i haven't seen a man that girly in my whole life i was so dazed thinking about his face i head on bumped into someone and he fell and droped everything in his hand "sorry" i said and then i noticed i was also on the ground he  imediatly got up and offerd to help me up. i got up by myself "sorry i should've watched where i was going" "Me too sorry" i looked up and was about to say sorry to but i noticed that he also looked alot like a girl too i ran away quickly. i was never good with pretty people. then i noticed i forgot my purse but it was at the point when i didn't care about it anymore and nothing in it was important but then when i finnaly stoped running someone taped me on the shoulder i jumped in fear alittle it was the person i bumped into earlier he said " didn't you drop this when i bumped into you?"he handed me my purse "thank you " then he taped me on my shoulder again "Excuse me but whats your name ?" i quickly responded alissa "sungjong " he said "what" he laughed and said " my name is sungjong" oh i quickly responded i looked at the time and said " i need to get to work " so i ran off 

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