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Personal Message

I really enjoy writing even though it may not be the best but I am always looking and striving for improvement. 

I listen to groups like

Bts ≧◇≦ ( super mega army) bias: hard to choose but, suga슈가 (swag) 

Bap 囧rz  my babehssssss bias: jongup *heart eye emojis*

Infinite makes me like walk down so many memories ohmygod bias: sungjongie ('θ')

Seventeen ohmygodohmygod yass bias(s) WOOZI jeonghan and junhui(slay me) 

Uniq ohmygod all the babehs omfomg mskekelele I cant even bias: YIBOOOO 

topp Dogg ughhhh my heart struggles bias: hansol('θ')

Got7 needs to stop because I can't bias : yugyeom 

Shinee ( first group I entered a fandom) bias: key 

Well I guess I should stop here but, I always always always take anyone's story request I would 100% love to read them. 


Honestly I'm glad I began writing 50 shades of jeon because thats where most of my subbies come from and please read my other stories I work really hard on them and honestly I think they're a bit better than 50 shades of jeon so yeah check them outttt.

About Me

I love , yibo , and food