The Snow's Gift


Snow's gift


It is the year 1995, it is Lee Taemin's birthday, he lives alone in the attic after getting abandoned by his parents. It was Christmas, december 25th, celebrating on his own without anyone by his side. People might say, "who's that little boy crawling on the road?" that's him, Taemin. Been living with random strangers who brings him in for shelter and out the next day. But what happen when he got the biggest ever gift by an unknown couple that day? the couple said, "young boy, bring this home, it's your christmas gift" Taemin treated the small gift that the couple hand him with care, you know why? it lives, the doll lives. It's not just any doll or barbies, it belongs to the unknown couple, which then he call the doll Snow. What happen when that doll grow into a big man, like Taemin? Talks like a normal human being, yes he lives, he eats and he sleeps. But to only Taemin's eyes, the doll can only communicate with him, can he bring the 'human' doll back to the unknown couple?

~Yet another mysterious love story


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Lee Taemin

He might look weak in the eye, but his not. Lives with a doll name 'Snow' in the empty rooftop. He may look like a girl, but he's not.


Choi Minho "Snow"

His the doll, the man-made, or is he? Minho comes from an unknown land, he might be the reason behind the birth of Taemin.


Kim Jonghyun

Kim Kibum


Lee Jinki

"If i have to leave you, I would. This is another game I lose"


Annyeong, thank you very much for reading the foreword and taking your time to read this! This is my first time typing a story, not actually, but yeah :) The story supposed to be confusing and uhhh something :D How do I make the Main image for this story? I don't know.. please support! Jeongmal gamsahabnida

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