Ninth Storm

Rain, Rain, Wash the Pain

Ninth Storm

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“I still can’t believe Sohee’s really power is poison.” Jinwoon stood up from his chair next to Eli, who is now unconsciously lying on his bed. nodded at his comment, “Can you heal him?”


“Yea, but he is weak without human blood.” Jinwoon pouted, “Dara, stay here to watch Eli. In case he goes crazy for blood. I will go get some blood from the vamp market.” He stood up and glanced at my wings. “Still can’t hide them, huh?”


I nodded and sighed, “I have to stuck here till we find a way.” I feel a hand touching my wings. With high sense of alert, I whirled around to protect the wings. is standing right behind me. “Sorry, they look amazing.” She commented. “Do you know your element yet?” She asked.


“Element?” I look at Kevin, who is leaning against the door listening to our conversation.


“Yea, Vampires have an element as their skills begin to grow.” Jinwoon answers my questions. “I am the element of earth, heal and grow. is flowers. That why there are all these flowers around.” gave him a look. He smiled at her and she turns away. These two love birds.


He continues, “Anyways, Eli is element of ice and Heechul, the hunter you saw he is wind. Which is consider power, because is really hard to predict its movement.” I wonder what is mine, will these affect me.

“You parents were the ones that genetically gives you the elements.” reads my mind.


My parents... Mom’s appearances flashes through my mind. I wish she is here with me, then I won’t be all lost. I missed her so much. and Jinwoon left the house to the “vampire” market. Kevin is sleeping on the sofa downstairs.  I am still in Eli’s room and watches him sleep. Maybe that light moving thing hit my chest in my blackout, I don’t feel sleepy at all. With my hands folded together, I stare at Eli’s perfect face. His breathing regularly and the blanket move with his stomach. His eyes were shut closed and eyebrows furrowed. If I walk down the street and see this guy, I will just think he is a hot model.


Who would ever think he is a vampire.... who would ever know there are vampires...


I bury my face in my hands. I never thought once I was anything else. I thought I just happen to lost a mother. Who was killed by... by...


My eyes grew and eyebrows knitted tightly together. I feel my brain working and connecting the dots. My mother is a vampire. Vampire don’t get kill by humans. I stood up furiously and filled with angers. Don’t be mistaken. I am super angry with myself now. How can I just stand here even though I am getting closer and closer to find out who kill my precious mother.


“Ah!” A loud scream scared my soul out of my body. Eli is sitting up from his bed. His mouth is hanging open and breathing rapidly. Drop and drop of cold sweat run down from his forehead. I see the goosebumps on his skin standing. His eyes danced around unable to fouse.


“Bad dream?” I turn and my voice to become softer. He look at me finally notice my existence. His lips closes formed a thin line again. I know he is trying to calm down so I don’t hear his voice shake. He swallowed, “Yea.” He drinks the cup of water next to him and wipe the sweat off his head.


“Eli, I have something to ask you.” I pause for him to absorb the information. “You are the only one that I know can answer my questions.”


“Sit down.” He point the seat next to the bed. He look at his ripped shirt, “Wait, Can you pass me a shirt is right behind you.”  I turn to the closet and pick out a navy blue one. When I turn back around, he was half .


“Woah.” I covered my eyes and throw the shirt to him in random direction. “Man, I am trying to have a serious talk here.”


“It’s nothing. I don’t care.” I heard him moved and the sound of the bed sheet. I waited. “Ok, you can have your serious talk now.” I peek through my fingers and roll my eyes, then I sat down.


“It’s about my parents.” He finally turns serious right after the word parent.


“My mom was killed when I was little. I saw it and I remembered everything.” I blurted out my past. His eyes grew wide. “I want to find out who killed her.” I exhaled deeply.


“Is probably a hunter, but I not positive.” Eli continues, “We can try to find more clues. There is always a way to find out something you want to know. ”


“But I don’t know where I use to live and plus I don’t even know what country is it.” I sound lost.


“We can ask to help. She have a wide connection with the vampire world.” The words come out through his pale lips.


“Eli, where are your parents?” I asked stupidly.


“Dead...” He asked it in one word and stare at me. Making me feel the embarrassment, because of the shameless question. “Are you seeking revenge?” He lie down on his bed again. I pause in a long thought.


“I won’t forgive that person.” I answered truthfully. He nodded, “What if the killer is right in front of you? Will you kill them no matter what?” He look at me from the corner of his eyes. They are red and hot red. He is angry at someone, but not me.


“Yes. I definitely would.” The image of my bloody mother blocking the doorway, the image of those tears on her face and image of me alone in the rain brings me a heat of burning pain.


“I am seeking my revenge too.” He looks down at his hand and blink a few times.


Revenge... Do I want that? Yes I do.


I want revenge.





We didn’t went to school today. Dara was trying the whole morning to control her wings. It was getting easy to control and she was able to make them disappear with’s help. Eli and Jinwoon went out for their blood hunt. Dara pulled me out with her to her concert that she had promised for her fans.


I arrive at the backstage with her and watch the girl named, CL putting makeup on her. CL keeps looking at me with her suspicious look. The place looks crowded and fill with people, even it is a backstage. There are different artist and singers hanging around, which I recognized some of them from posters I see on the street. I found a comfy seat and sat there waiting for Dara. People were all busy walking around the make up place.


“I am going to go on stage now. You want to go to the audience and watch?.” Dara smile though her cat  mask.


“I will.” I return a grin to her. She nodded and goes off happily with her guitar. The metal door shuts behind her.


“How long you know Dara?” CL pull a chair next to me and sat down. Her leg fold on top of the other one and look at me. Then she pull out a pack of gum from her right pocket of her leather jacket. She unwraps one and throw it through her dark lips. Her makeup were heavy making her look bold and mean.


“Not long. Since school started.” I exhale. The truth is I hate talking to strangers. Could this be a phobia? I guess I just didn’t like her attitude. I was fine when I first talk to Dara.


“You need to get away from Vampires. You should always be careful of your surrounding.” She warn me. She knows? My attention quickly focused on her. I must have heard something wrong. I cross my arms trying to act normal. Then her stares makes my existence in this room feels uncomfortable. I stood up and walk to the door. I have get out here, incase she continues the conversation.


“Vampires like me.” She take a long pause for me to absorb the informations, “ Can sense you with a sniff.”I grab the metal knob. The sound of her shoes rub against the ground travel to my ears. Without a thought, I bust out the door and head toward the audience. I swam in the sea of people and push some of them out of my way. A few gave me an annoyed look, but I ignored them. My step increase. I have to disappear in there and then pull Dara right off the stage.


Dara is on the stage singing to a catchy pop song. Everyone in the crowd started jumping with the rhyme. Her eyes sparkle under her mask because of the light that focus on her. Our eyes met when the light goes through the crowd. She stare at me and smile brightly. Her white teeth shines on the stage like she is on a commercial for tooth paste.


Her fans next to me squeals, “You see that she is looking this way. Oh, my god!”  They are chatting loudly that I can barely pick up who are talk.


A cold air creep up my back and the goose bumps stands on my skin. I felt my body tensed up. Someone is watching me. Their eyes were pin on me like I am a prey. I can feel the long stare on me. My body froze like a statue and let my six sense search. I even forgot to breath. My eyes look from right to left observing the ones who are surrounding me.


I can’t keep staying here. Someone is for sure had their eyes on me. Eli said before is easier to kill me than Dara. I am always their first soft target, then Dara will lose her blood connection. I decided to run back to the vampire house. Dara are less likely to be attacked. That CL girl must be following me. My brows furrowed and I bite my lips. I guess all I do now is take a risk.


It seems like in the vampire world death can come so easily.


Sneaking out the crowd, I quickly picked up my feet and run as fast as I could. Someone is definitely following me. They are getting closer and closer. The street light cast a gray shadow on the concrete ground next to me. With all my energy, my speed increase to lengthen the difference between me and the shadow. Our shoes rub against the ground. The sound repeat with rhythm and keeps the fast beats.


I won’t be able to escape my predator with this long run. When there are no one around, it will hunt me down like a lion. I limp over the metal fence by the sidewalk and run across the street. Running away is my strong point, after taking all those bullying from before. What a coward..


I wish I was a vampire have all those flashy skills.


Cars makes a sudden stop to avoid hitting me. The drivers stick out their head to complaint. The shadow behind me follow closely. It stick to me like a leech. In the corner of my eye, I spot the library that I went last time for a vampire book. There are a lot of people in there.  Maybe, “the shadow” won’t make a move if I am in there with humans.


I toward the library ‘s door. The glass door opens slowly sensed my existence. It open so slow, I just turn my body and slide inside. Catching my breath by the door, the glass door automatically closing. Everyone’s eyes were on me. Pinned on me like a nail. It seems to be a wrong decision, the place doesn't feel right. The sound of the glass door slide open. I turn quickly and saw a pair of identical twins standing there.


They seems to be around my age. I back up a step slowly. The identical twins have a bright red eyes. Everything they are wearing is the same like copy and paste. The only difference they have is their hair. , they are vampires. They both frozen there staring at me. I focus on their feet make sure they are not going to attack me. I took another step back and farther away from the door.


One of them smirked, “Kwangmin, He is dumb. Who would enter a vampire library when they are chased by vampires! ”


My eye grew wide and look around the people next to me. Their eyes were on me, on my blood. Damn it! This is a dead end...


The other one lift his left cheek and showed his evil smile, “Wait, until Jessica noona see this prey we have today. Youngmin.”


They lean toward and I saw their shoes squeak against the clean slippery floor. Then symmetrically they fly their body towards me like a bullet. I held up my hand to form a shield. I know I am like a harmless bug compare to vampires, but all I can do is try to fight back. Even if they can squash me with one move.


My feet left the ground as soon as their hands touched my body. I was flying and hit the ceiling of the library. My body stuck on top.  My back feel like it have been cracked into a million piece.  This is like a rollercoaster ride, but you get hurt. Then gravity have to give me a gift, I drop to the floor like a tons of bricks. I lifted my head and hear myself from pain. No one is moving. All the people, no vampires, were acting like as if they see this everyday. I heard the bury sound of footsteps against the floor. I can’t see straight anymore, the world is dancing with messed up rhythm. Someone picked me up by the neck, “Wow, stronger than any other human. We thought we accidentally killed you.”


They pin me by the wall. Oxygen were escaping my lungs, I coughed trying to catch the air from leaving. Then something run up my throat and I coughed it out, blood.


“Youngmin, he is a blood butterfly’s blood connection.” one of the twins sniffed around me. They smiled with delight and the top of their lips, “Noona is going to be so happy.”


“His vampire  seems powerful.” They smirked.



“Dara. I need to talk to you.” CL leaning against the door after I walk off the stage. “Ok after I put this away.” I pointed at my guitar.


“No, we got to talk now.” She look serious. We walked outside by the street and near the dark alley where I meet Eli. That place is quiet and barely anyone walks by. We sat on her motorcycle. She took the guitar from my hand and start playing the C chore repeatedly.


“What is it?” I took off my mask.


“You are a vampire right?” She slapped her hand against the vibrating strings. I froze and spin my brain trying to come up with an answer. No or yes. I don’t want to pull her into this.


“I know you are.” She continues didn’t expect an answer, “I knew you are since the first day I met you.” I whipped my head around facing her with wide eyes. However, she just continue playing with the strings.


“How did you...” I observed her neck, nothing. She is not a mark human. Then to her wrist, nothing. She is not a blood butterfly. She smiled at my ignorance. “There is four type of vampires, Dara. The world is not fill with blood butterflies.” She reads my mind.


I jump off the leather seat and take a few step back. Then she is a hunter? She jump down from the motorcycle. “No, not a hunter either.” Gosh, she can read mind or something...


“So all these is a lie.”I felt the angry from the betrayal. My eye grew hot with burning red. “What are you then.”


“Calm down. I am going to hurt you.” CL place the guitar gently by the motorcycle. She pull up her black shirt that is tucked in her high waist jeans. Her jewelry makes a of noise as she move her hand. She show her stomach to me.


A spider tattoo on the left side of her hips. Its a big spider, it leg traces almost around her waist. The bottom part of the spider is cut off by the jean. She let go of her shirt, “I am a spider. Another type of vampire.” I remember Eli told me about them before, but he never really warn me if they are trying to kill me or not.


“I knew it from the beginning, that you are a vampire. But I decide not to let you enter this miserable  world, so I never said anything about it. Now that you are one, you need to know about us.” She tucked her shirt back in.




“Yes, spiders. We take your marks. That human boy you bring. You should keep another eye on him. Spiders will steal your mark and then drink your power like their own.” She explained.


“What do you mean my power?”


“Your element. You will slowly see your power evolved. Spiders love blood butterfly’s elements. They want to be powerful and use it freely.” She answers. My eyes were still on alert mode. I didn’t trust her after the shocking news.


A drop of water hit my forehead.  Then another drop follow. I stood there listening to the rain sound. They hit my shoulder and then like million drop of beans they fell down the sky.


“Where is Kevin?” I asked CL, more like a demand.


“I don’t know. You should be able to find him, if he is your mark.” She turned around and walked away slowly with her hands in her pocket.


“Wait!” I called her and she turn around, “Help me.”



A girl enter the place. She walked towards us diligently. She is wearing a sweater and a half covered flowy shirt showing her waist. There is a huge spider tattoo on her stomach is near the right of her hips. “What do we have here?” She slide across my face with her long nails. I was half alive with one hit. I am so weak.


“A blood butterfly’s blood connection. That vampire only took blood twice. I believe is a girl.  Jessica noona.” One of them explains. I wiggle try to set myself free from this vampire boy’s lock like hands.


“I trust your noses twins.” The girl smiled. “I wonder how strong that vampire girl’s element is.”


I felt angry. More than that word can describe, is something that rush to my heart and brain like a big wave hits shore. I clenched my teeth together and stared at them. My hands were on the vampire boy’s hand that locked me down. Then suddenly both of the twins backed up in the speed of lighting. I drop to the floor like a stack of meat.


“What is it?” The girl looked at the twins with surprise.


They both look nervous.

“We just smell the power of  blood butterfly from him.”

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