My Heart Beats For You And Only You (Sequel To 'The Lead Up To...')


"Tiffany I'm telling the truth I am Taeyeon," the mysterious man who claims to be Taeyeon said.

        "You can't be my TaeTae. He died last week but then if your TaeTae tell me all the things that happened that day,"Tiffany replied in a fustrated voice.

              "I asked you if you could be my girlfriend after that I met my friend at a bar then I picked you up at your house and on the way to my house I got crushed by a truck and I died," he said.

            "Then you are TaeTae! I missed you very much,"Tiffany said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Then Taeyeon went limp in Tiffany's arms...........


Hey guys its me UltimateLockSmith here again with a sequel to my first ever one-shot and don't worry there will be a suprise

You have to read my first one-shot as this is the sequel to that its called 'The Lead Up To...' Link is here:

I can only write with one hand as I broken it and I fractured my elbow. Credit to the owner of the picture :) 




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My arm is better while the doctor decided to put a brace to my elbow


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