The Lead Up To.....



"No! Don't care about me! Just get out of the car," Taeyeon shouted.

   "No TaeTae! I can't leave without you," Tiffany shouted back.Taeyeon pulled over the nearest pavement and pulled Tiffany out of the car.  Whilst Taeyeon was about to get seated inside the car, Tiffany saw an incoming truck in front of him. Realising what lies ahead of him, Taeyeon could not do any thing more so he closed his eyes and hoped for the best.  (*Sound of cars getting crushed into each other*) (Tiffany's thought process)-> * No! Why TaeTae? He was an innocent person!* (Authors POV)-> Fire Rescue Vehicles and Ambulances arrived at the scene two minutes after the collision occured. Then after 10 minutes of searching in the rubble, firefighters have recovered Taeyeon's lifeless body and asked the ambulance crew to prepare a gurney. " Are you Miss Tiffany Hwang,"One of the Ambulance crew asked. "Yes I am Sir," Tiffany replied with a worried tone. The Paramedic also told Tiffany to come inside the ambulance.On the way to the hospital, Tiffany sobed lightly in front of Taeyeon. Taeyeon looked horrible in Tiffany's eyes with his bleeding head and he was wearing an oxygen mask. "Ti..ff..any," Taeyeon stuttered whilst coughing out blood in the process......


I'm doing this one-shot fort BaiLingLing's 'Fable Me This' contest link it is below:


I'm new to angst so please critise but not to harshly 

This is a gender-bender 


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Chapter 1: Waeee!?!?! T.T </3