We Got Married!



After the big debut of ‘Dreamers’ with their song ‘Double Up’ and the love relationship is revealed in public. MBC decided to make a couple of one of the girls with a male group. For the fifth season and this time it will both of the leaders. Meet GyuSu couple. Hye Su is the mother in her debuted group, ‘Dreamers’ while Sung Gyu is the leader of the talented group ‘Infinite’.

They are already dating, but now married, how will they do? The same or is just acting as if everything is fine?








The Husband & Wife

Kim Sunggyu

The leader of the group, strict and serious leader. Does take good care of s, he is the leader and main vocal of his group. However, he can be childish and cold looking.
He has a relationship with the leader of Dreamers.





Bang Hye Su

The mother of the group, she is a strict but nice leader. Mostly calmest member and takes good care of the two youngest in the group. She looks with personality a lot to her brother.
She is the lead vocal and leader and has a relationship with Sunggyu, the leader of Infinite.




The Families


Park Eun Hee The maknae of the group, she’s a shy and kind girl and main vocal, lead dancer and face of the group.

Lee Ji Sun The happy virus of the group and the second youngest, she is main rapper and main dancer and face of the group.

Kwon Haneul The 4-D princess, mostly clueless or blank person, but is very loud member, she’s vocalist and lead dancer.



Dongwoo The mood maker, has a unique laugh, but easily are picked, because he looks easy. He is main rapper.
Woohyun❞ The greasy member, that loves to tease Sunggyu. He shows a lot of effort toward the Dreamers. He’s main vocal of the group.
Hoya❞ The dancing machine, he is more the calmest member of infinite. His position is rapper, main dancer and vocalist.
SungyeolThe prankster in the group, he loves to prank jokes and being silly. His position is vocalist in the group.
LThe 4-D person, he looks a lot Haneul as personality, he is a soft guy, even he looks as a cold-city boy, he is vocalist and face of the group.
Sungjong The maknae of the group, he is pretty much the diva, short-tempered person, but he is a caring person. His position is vocalist and maknae.



Other families that will appear in the show:
B.A.P – Teen Top – SNSD –  SHINee – Boyfriend – B1A4 – U Kiss - and many more



Author note:
Annyeong haseyo, it’s MiyaChan, back with a new fiction. I’m not so good in forewords and description, neither is my English grammar so well.

I’m trying to write each time better and better, and I love writing, so it won’t stop. I totally hate when you’re reading to checking my grammar and not reading the story, all I want to make clear, if you don’t like to read with grammar mistakes, I’m sorry, I’m just an average girl who doesn’t have the perfect English, I know I have mistaken and I’m trying to learn of it.
So, you can live with it and read it or just don’t read it.

However, the story plot is all original thought by me. Don’t copy this story, if it’s looks familiar, it coincidence.

Anyways have a nice reading time and enjoy.

X- MiyaChan


© Copyright 2012 MiyaChan


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Extra note: This is a side story of the Dreams in Reality, this is after their debut and I will using my own mind of ‘We Got Married’ please don’t bash my ideas. Also it’s already there 2012-2013, they debuted on 2012 or 2013, because I couldn't decide it.
Also the song chronological order is not correct.




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