Believe In Music


A normal high school girl called Park Min Wei was suddenly enrolled into a super elite music school -- Golden Strings Music High School. Will Min Wei find a new friend ? A boyfriend ? Or even her mysteriously disappeared father ?



Park Min Wei ( u ) -- A cute and innocent girl ,sometimes sarcastic , she is Park Chan Yeol's sister.She is cute and pretty without her noticing it . She plays the violin .


Choi Yunnie -- A funny and helpful BFF. She always helps you out and likes listening to your problems . She plays the piano.


Vanessa -- A sharp and clever senior . She is a good sunbae and she protects you and Yunnie . She has a crush on Suho , from EXO-K.

New Characters soon!!

Well...I started this new story cause I think I'm going to delete Musical Love =).So I brainstormed a new one.My story line are mostly a jumble of what I like.Please subscribe / comment....Cause I'm new @ I'm not really sure what to do..... MOST IMPORTANTLY,DO NOT COPY!!! IF I FIND OUT THAT SOMEONE IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT I SAID~ please take Note: I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN @ MAKE YOU LIE ON YR TOMBSTONE.....keke >~< so b CAREFUL!! BTW , the characters will be revealed soon , cause I can't type anymore

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