Suho? My Teacher Is My Boyfriend?!

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"I'll keep your secret if...." he began with a small smirk hanging at the corner of his lips.


"Somehow I dislike where this is going" I glared as I awaited his response.




Suho? My Teacher Is My Boyfriend?!


I hate studying.

I hate school.

I hate boys.

I hate girls even more.

And most of all I'm as lazy as can be.

I hardly pay attention in class and I fail almost all my subjects.


I also forgot one thing, I don't care.


School is pointless. 

My parents? Why would they care? They're dead. Not literally... but I don't associate myself with them. I was quite content...

At least that's what I thought....

But then I found myself fired from my previous job and now working as a bartender at a club in the middle of Seoul.


I saw the most unbelievable thing.

My.......................................TEACHER! The angelic, always smiley happy go lucky Seongsaengnim Kim Joonmyun partying with many many girls.

Due to some very strange circumstances... I...

I'm his GIRLFRIEND?!?!?!?!?!?!?

...and it went something like this...




Han you:

- Appears cold on the outside but actually mellow and adorable on the inside 
- Hates sweet things but has a soft spot for cute things even though aegyo does not work on her
- Has an emotional disability problem caused by traumatic past but will be able to break out of it eventually
- Reasonably calm and collected with a temper like a hurricane, when she's angry she just destroys everything in her way
- Secretly wants to fall in love but cannot express herself properly
- No weak spots... that we know of...
- Delinquent with perfect grammar and best selling books
- Hates her parents

Kim Joonmyun (Suho):

- Math eacher at Seoul High and you's homeroom teacher
- Naturally warm and friendly, the perfect gentleman 
- Strangely lenient but severely strict at the same time
- The worst person to get angry
- Always happy and cheerful with an eye dazzling smile and aura
- Don't be fooled by his looks, he's the man in the relationship
- At first, he finds you to be very queer, but after a while, he learns that she's just... special in her own way
- Works as an secretly and at his friend's restaurant/club place
- A very, very sadistic tease


- you's close family friend who helped her in the past
- He's like an elder brother who has a weird sister complex
- Addressed as a Casanova but he just can't find the right girl
- Always making a fuss over everything because he was a drama queen 
- Obsessed with cute things (Baozi, Sehun, Dolls, Jongin, puppies...)
- Dislikes Amber

Oh Sehun:

- you's younger cousin by a year who, like Luhan is like a brother she never had 
- Also has a weird brother sister complex with you
- Appears quiet but he's even louder than Chanyeol
- Cares deeply for you 

Kim Jongin (Kai):

- Sehun's best friend since diaper days and grew up with you
- A tanned boy who was quiet; the opposite of his best friend
- He doesn't like people because he's awkward around them but soon will learn to open up
- Shared a dazed past with you

Wu Fan (Kris):

- Owner of EXO Planet
- Strange guy with a tendency to appear out of nowhere
- Close friends with Suho and Luhan
- The big brother out of the group (forever alone)

Amber Josephine Liu:

- A tomboy who lives in the same floor as you and who has taken a great liking to her
- They hang out frequently as compared to the others and because of her outgoing personality, it's easy to get along with her
- Hates Luhan
- A secret about her will appear later 
- Hates Luhan

The Rest Of EXO Members:

- They are a bit crazy and derpy but soon they grew on you
- Childish at heart 
- They love playing pranks and teasing people
- Just a bunch of weirdos at the right place at the right time 



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TeacherSuho: Hi Everyone... I'm so sorry you guys are still waiting patiently for an update.. but things are so hard being a uni student etc... look out for me

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My profiles name is SMTrash, wtf lol
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Chapter 40: Sigh, I should have checked if this was finished? it was so good! I’m sad it’s incomplete:/ I WAS REALLY ENJOYING IT!! Thank you for your story~
im here to visit and wishing u a very good luck!
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Wow I didn't know I would be mentioned in a story. I feel very honored .
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Chapter 40: Can u Plsssss give me the links of next chapters? ?? I really want to read the full story. Plsssss. ?? @navita
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Chapter 40: Can u Plsssss give me the links of next chapters? ?? I really want to read the full story. Plsssss. ?? @navita
OMG!! Suho is my ultimate bias!!!! ><
Chapter 40: i wish it continue T.T