First Day of My Life



Jongin takes his boyfriend’s lips into his own. The room is pitch black as they press into each other. The smaller one whimpers, just barely, as Jongin bites into the pillow softness of his lower lip.
You’ll be fine,” he mutters against Kyungsoo’s mouth, because in the darkness, it’s the only way he can hear him. 



**i'm not a doctor or a medical professional whatsoever so i apologize for any medical inaccuracies ^^

edit: i'd like to thank everyone, especially members of the deaf community, for their support of this fic, even amongst all the inaccuracies. your support means the most to me, and of course, thank you to everyone else for enjoying it and somehow managing to get it featured!~ (▰˘◡˘▰)



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Chapter 1: Jongjong...feels
82 streak #2
Chapter 1: Awww so beautiful ㅠ^ㅠ ♡♡♡♡
1aayat4 62 streak #3
Chapter 1: I came back to read it again
1aayat4 62 streak #4
Chapter 1: This is so beautiful♡♡
Kyungsoo1969 #5
Chapter 1: That was beautiful. Im deaf myself but thankfully i can just manage with aids. I was offered the coclear implants but decided against it. Lkeep writing. Your talented xx
Chapter 1: This is really touching. And so cute too. I love that kyungsoo said it both ways ♡♡
pardon_chogiwa #7
Chapter 1: Waah!! Beautiful
Chapter 1: Omg the feels!
Chapter 1: Oh my gosh I’m so emo for this story I’m crying~

Other than that omg what a good story!
This is the first fic I ever subscribed to in AFF, and it remains a favorite of mine. I love how you're able to tell their story so concisely and still deliver so much emotion. Love it!