The Dark Side



Kim Jongin sort of prides himself on being the laziest, most underachieving kid in his class. Nothing really exists in his world other than mindnumbing video games, unhealthy food, and really hot girls.

So when mother suggests demands that he get a summer job to help with their ever piling bills, he’s got no choice but to listen.

He either wants something totally freaking awesome (he wants muscles before the first day of school) or something that requires totally minimal effort (so he can sleep and text undetered) but then he ends up at Jung’s Corner Store (which is neither of these). And even though one of his co-workers is the perfect goddess Im Yoona, the other is a hopeless loser named Do Kyungsoo.

Do Kyungsoo: invisible junior, permanently surprised, Star Wars trivia king.

Not even a summer full of Yoona is going to make up for spending every day with this guy. 

"This place..." Yoona says, fanning herself with an old lottery ticket. "Is hell. Just pray you don't go crazy."

"Yeah," Kyungsoo mutters from the corner, his wide eyes trained on his sneaker clad feet. "Welcome to the Dark Side."





konnichiha beautifuls~

this is the kaisoo that like a boat load of you voted on! i'm not that happy with the description so i might change it around. idk.

please take notice... this story won't be updated until Awkward is finished. which won't be too long now. but not right away either. 

also. i'm hopeless and now i'm like begging. i need a banner. that's all i'm gonna say. -rolls away-

omg chau if you're even reading this i got the star wars thing from you. i love you ok.

okay. umm. bye. ^_^



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Chapter 1: this story is too good omg you must update ;-;
rukichi #2
Eventhough i just read youre foreword or i usually call it summary (amiright???) I felt so curious OHMYGOD. My kaisoo feel gaaaaaahhhhhhh. I love you so so so muchhhhhy ari shi...........dammitttttt
Alexxy #3
I really like the plot to this story. Are you going to abandon it with just one chapter?
p1nktape #4
update please :'cccccccccc
Chapter 1: Ohhh, this seems fun!! ~
Chapter 1: I kind of immediately fell in love with this story when I read the description and kaisoo is my otp. It's THE otp. I'm a huge Star Wars geek too and Kyungsoo is my spirit animal so this whole thing is perfection. Since it's already been two years I don't know if you'll be writing any more but I'll keep my hopes up because this fic has a lot of potential. Good luck!
Chapter 1: I really hope you haven't abandoned this story (although it's been 2 years or so already) >~< I really like your writing style and I think this plot seems really quirky and interesting.I noticed you have a thing with Kai liking Yoona lol XD
Lilianlimi #8
Chapter 1: Update juseyoooo~
Update puhlisss~
[deactivated] #10
Chapter 1: wow, sounds amazing :D Update soon please T_T <3